Different types of betting limits

Betting is the main part of any game like tangkasnet and people have to place bets on the number of rounds as per the game they are playing. Most of the poker variants have three rounds and after the third round, the winner is declared. Players have to master betting so that they can win the pot at the end. Each game has its own rules of betting. All the games have betting limits and in this article, we will discuss those limits.


It is a type of betting in which players have to place a bet before they see their cards. This type of betting help to fill the pot before a dealer deals the cards. Players have to compulsorily place the bet. After that, players get a chance to raise their hands. Ante can be changed based on how a player plays. The number of hands depends on how large the ante is. Players who have the understanding of ante know in which they have to sit and play.


These are the bets that have to be placed before the cards are dealt. But there is a difference between ante and blind. The ante has to be made by all the players while blinds have to be placed by only two players sitting to the left of the dealer. One player sitting to the left of the dealer has to make small blind while sitting to the left of small blind placer has to make a big one. The big blind is the minimum blind while type small blind is half of the big blind. To stay in the game, other players either call or raise the blind.

Poker Limits

There are three types of limits in poker games, which include no limit, fixed limit, and pot limit. Players need to understand all the three types before starting the bet. Luck is always beneficial and players also need to understand when to call, raise, or fold the bet.

No Limit

This is a type of betting in which there is a mixture of action and luck. Players have the right to bet all of their chips at any time. The actions that a player can take are check, fold, bet, call, or raise. Call refers to matching the previous bet wile raise refers to increase the bet size. Fold refers to closing town the bet and then the payer cannot take any action until the next deal. A big blind is a minimum bet and the maximum bet is the total number of chips that players have to use.

Fixed Limit

This is a basic form of limit in which the gameplay depends on the size of the bet. Betting is capped after a certain number of raises. Capping is mostly done after four or five bets.

Pot Limit

Pot limit refers to the size of pot made through betting, raises, and calls. This limit comes between a fixed limit and no limit. Users do not have the option of using all the chips at once in betting. But there is no restriction to the raises.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the limits, which are used in poker games like tangkasnet and people can join the poker game in which any of these limits are being used.