Declutter Your Home with These Smart Hacks

Owning a house comes with the responsibilities of maintenance. Having a furnished one is no less than a blessing; however, keeping it clean and tidy can be challenging. A place in use is always in a state of disorder, with laundry piled up, books off the shelves, and things scattered across the floors. If your family is big, then clutter would be unavoidable. The problem can hit the fan if you do not attend or fix the disorderliness timely.

Every house is different and requires a precisely drafted decluttering plan to tame the chaos within its premises. However, considering common factors such as the size of the family, available space in the house, and their spending habits, we have compiled a list of some genius organizing tips. Follow these smart decluttering hacks to make the most out of the space in your home.

 Get Rid of the Junk

Disposing-off the junk is the first step towards getting your house out of the chaotic condition. Organizing things is an effective way to ensure that your place does not go back to the cluttered state after some time. It does not mean getting rid of the items in use, but the ones that family members do not frequently use. Although a bit time-consuming, reorganization is better for your house in the long run. Start by doing one room at a time, make a list of all the belongings, and rank them according to their usage. It would give you a clear picture of essential and unnecessary items taking up space in your home.

The last thing you would want is your family members re-cluttering the entire place to find their belongings. Therefore, involve every member in the process to ensure that nobody loses his or her favorite or in-use items.

Purchase Smart Storage Solutions

Once you have shortlisted the items to keep in their respective sections, the next step is to assign them to a storage place. Invest in self storage units that smartly stores your stuff without piling one over the other. You can start by getting a storage item for every room in the house, even if you have multiple cabinets and drawers available. For instance, storing the dishware and cutleries in different card box cartons within the same cabinets will make it easier for you to reach them at the time. Spinning hanger racks are an excellent solution for keeping the jackets, bags, and continuously used items. They consume less space than the drawers do. You can make better use of this newly liberated space by storing items like socks and belts.  Now you don’t have to scatter everything on the floor to find that one sock of the pair. Plastics containers are an excellent solution for storing children’s belongings. It will also save you from the excruciating pain of stepping on Legos.

Keep your Closet Accessible

A closet is perhaps the most clutter-prone area in any house. If you intend on decluttering your home for good, start from your wardrobe. Monitoring the closet can help you avoid any disorder, as most clutter arises when the closet items are not accessible.

To remove the junk, empty all your wardrobe contents and divide them into piles according to their usage. Anything you do not plan to wear shortly is not worthy of space in the drawers. Moreover, a decent way to dispose of the outgrown, unused, and faded clothing is to donate them to charities. Once you have decluttered your wardrobe, place them according to the frequency of their use. The daily clothes come to the front, the fancy pieces second, and the miscellaneous ones at the back, with the shoes always on an accessible shelf/drawer.


Regardless of your family’s size or the available space, clutter will always find its way back to your place. Nonetheless, sizing up your home’s state and focusing on the areas that require decluttering the most can prolong the order in your house up to months. To keep your house in an orderly condition, take note of the places that give rise to the clutter, for instance, the playrooms, bookshelves, kitchen, and the wardrobe. Additionally, consider educating your family on the value and importance of decluttering and maintenance to instill a sense of responsibility.