Death Road to Canada

If you are a game lover, I am sure that you have come up with several types of games. You will be exploring some more new games to have in your Android. Gaming now has become one of the most marketing type of apps. The gamers are looking for new games to play in each day. So here is one of the cool games that you can try. That is the game Death Road to Canada.

You can play this game on Android TV boxes too. You can use your default app store which is play store TV app. If not, you can use third party Android TV app store like Filelinked or Aptoide TV.

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What this game is?

From the name itself you can gain somewhat a knowledge about this game. Yes. This is a journey. You have to travel through a road from one place, that is starting probably from Florida to the end of the road located in Canada. Death road simply gives you the idea about the obstacles and challenges you have to pass though while riding.

This is a Random Generated Gameplay. Where you can face to many random challenges, opportunities and obstacles. If you are a good gamer or a traveler then you must be able to overcome all these random events and should ride towards the victory.

Features of this game

In here you can be a gang leader. Who lead a gang formed of jerks. There you have to manage them well towards you victory. There are different types of people there in your gang. You have to balance all these personalities wisely in order to win over the challenges. 

Along your journey you can add different types of personalities and characters to your gang. You have to start just with two members in your gang. But when moving along the journey you can add more characters as you like. Can customize the characters as you wish. But you have to be a good leader if you want to manage your group well by walking towards the victory. You will like these features of the game much.

There are different types of weapons that you can use here to win over the challenges. There may be zombies. Around 500 that blocks your path. Then you can kill them using the weapons you own. Each personality of your group can own different weapons and they can be useful in different locations. So, needs to be wise when utilizing your resources.

In this death road you can drive. This is the best way to travel. But sometimes you will have to walk along the path also. If you get a chance to travel in a car there are many choices of cars for you to select. You will be able to select the best car for you according to your circumstances inside the game.

Here are only some of the features regarding this nice game. Explore the new cities, face and kill the zombies and many more challenges are there for you to explore. So, hurry and download this nice game using your favorite app store AC Market, play store, Amazon App Store and etc.