Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee Vs. Drug Called Modafinil

If you need some more energy in your life, especially at moments when something has to be done fast and precise, you need something that will boost your energy. If you open the internet you’ll find tons of products all trying to help you with this issue.

From shakes to pills, people invented everything. It’s up to you to choose which one’s the best for your needs and what do you think fits your system the best.

Here, we’ll explain two of the most popular ideas at the moment when it comes to raising your ability to work and boosting your brains functions. Continue reading and learn everything you need to know.

Dave Asprey’s bulletproof coffee

Dave Asprey is an entrepreneur and an inventor. Among many other things, he invented this shake called Bulletproof coffee. It is a shake that is consisted of a large dose of coffee, butter, and MCT oil. It is made to replace your ordinary daily breakfast dose. Learn in details about it here.

The good thing about it is that not only you get full without consuming too many calories, but the combination boosts your energy to the max. During the day you’ll be able to do so much by just drinking one glass of this amazing shake in the morning.

The combination of the ingredients used inside is amazing. It affects the brain in a way that no other naturally made combination does. With it, you’ll be able to open your mind and be able to finish much more of your working tasks than you do usually.

However, just like everything else, there’s a downside of this. The shake and the combination are not good for everyone even though it is made of natural ingredients. The main ingredient that is used and will keep you full until your next meal is clear butter fat.

Fat is known as an ingredient that is key for keeping your hunger away but in the long run, studies showed that it can be harmful. Of course, if your diet is balanced you’ll have nothing to worry about, but since here you consume fat and lacking some other key ingredients, there’s the possibility of raising cholesterol to levels that might become dangerous.

This is true especially for people who have trouble with it in the first place. That’s why many keto diets and low-carb plans are not recommended for people who naturally have a high level of cholesterol.


Modafinil can be found on the market by many different trade names. One of them, which is also the most popular, is Provigil. If you’ve heard about this one, you’ve heard about Modafinil too. It’s the same thing.

Modafinil, or Provigil, is a drug that was invented around 50 years ago to treat patients who suffer from narcolepsy. It is a drug that controls the sleeping cycle and the time when the patient will fall asleep. This is the key problem for people who suffer from narcolepsy because they can never control when their brain is going to get into sleep mode.

With the drug, they can easily control this. They postpone the moment until it’s actually time for it. The social understanding of day and night is not a thing that the brain of the narcolepsy patient understands. The drug makes it easier for them to stay awake during the day and go to sleep when the sun sets.

For common people, the drug does the same. The difference is that these people use it to stay awake in critical moments when they need to do something without feeling sleepy and tired. Aside from the ability to make them not fall asleep, the pill does another very important thing.

It can make them more concentrated and focused on whatever is that they are doing. People who take it can easily remember what they previously had problem with and can solve problems that previously had trouble with. That’s why some called it the smart drug. Learn more about it here: https://www.medicinenet.com/modafinil/article.htm.

However, it does nothing special for your brain. They don’t actually make you smarter. They just make your brain capable of using all of its capacity at the moment. When the pill’s effect passes, you go back to your previous self with that difference that you must make up for the lost sleep which means you’ll probably spend a lot of time in the bed.

Which is better?

There’s no clear winner here. The first one is made from natural ingredients but the effects are not as strong as the second one. On top of it, there are downsides that make it unsuitable for some.

The second option doesn’t have too many downsides but it’s still a chemical substance and a pill which means there must be some side effects. Things like nausea, headache, and high blood pressure are all normal side effects and some people might experience them, which also means it’s not perfect.

It’s up to you to decide which is better. You can check the first option on the official Asprey’s web page. Modafinil is available online but if you don’t trust the many online sellers, and you don’t know where to buy Provigil, you can always go to your primary care doctor and ask them for a prescription. However, online is much easier. Just click on the link we just provided for you.


When you’re going to pick some of the two options, make sure you have the right information by your hand. See if you can handle both options and see if your body is fit enough for both. As you could’ve seen, the coffee option is not suitable for people who struggle with cholesterol.

When it comes to the pills, you should know that they affect your brain and constant usage can be dangerous too. It affects the nervous system which is not a toy. An overdose of it can cause fatal problems to your system. Sometimes even death. That’s why you need to be careful and consume responsibly.