It is almost the end of the year and the holiday season is here. And there is no other way to make it better for your friends and family other than with the custom holiday photo cards. The holiday season is a time to share the love, but Mixbook gives you more than that.

It allows you to create the best holiday photo card in an easy and enjoyable process. Make your holiday this time round unforgettable by giving your loved ones holiday photo cards from Mixbook. Please keep reading to learn how to go about it.

Why should you send holiday photo cards?

Usually, holiday cards help share and extend the holiday spirit. It is also the perfect way to let your family and friends know that you care. Besides sharing the love, you can use holiday cards to express your gratitude to the special persons in your life.

A holiday photo card will also be a good opportunity to catch up with your loved ones, especially if you have not seen each other for long. You can also use it to wish them well in the coming days.

Whatever idea you have, Mixbook is here to make it come true with the exceptional holiday photo card.

How to create a customized holiday photo card with Mixbook?

One of the things that makes Mixbook the top online-based service is its convenience. Did you know you can access Mixbook from anywhere and at your preferred time? Not to mention you can upload your photos from any place and collaborate with your friends.

Their customer service is on another level; they are present 24/7 and are always ready to help where need be. The steps are easy to follow, with templates to make it even easier. Mixbook has several editing features that make the process lively.

Here is the guide to creating your personalized holiday photo card.

First, Mixbook is an online service, so you need to have a strong internet connection on your personal computer or phone. Then, sign up on the Mixbook website to create your account.

Once you are in, the first step is to choose the theme or design you want. If you don’t find something you like, you can create your own from the available blank page.

The next step is to upload your pictures from your phone, computer or social media account. Then using the available collections of editing tools, tailor your pictures to your liking. From backgrounds to texts and images, select what makes you happy.

Mixbook also has spiritual themes, where you can choose according to your religion to make it unique. You can also invite your friends to make the experience more memorable. Choose the sizes and the paper type, and you are good to go.

It would be best to pair the holiday card with a gift to make your loved one feel more special. The gifts do not have to be something complicated; they can be simple but meaningful at the same time.

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