Confidential is tricky to mail!

Documents have always been a major problem to mail. Sometimes it becomes your necessity to ship documents. It may be some business requirement or some family requirement too. But obviously, it is your right to think about security when it comes to confidential stuff. Many courier companies have started document shipping services too. Security issues are still there but companies like SME Shipping Company which provide full security when it comes to document transfer service [บริการ รับ ส่ง เอกสาร which is the term in Thai)

What information do you need?

If you are the sender, you need to have the following information to mail abroad:

  • Name of the delivering company (if any)
  • Courier name.
  • Address of the sender.
  • Phone number of both parties.
  • Email of the sender.

For the recipient, it is necessary to have the following information:

  • Company name of the recipient (if any)
  • Recipient’s name
  • Address of the receiver.
  • Phone number of the recipient.
  • Email of the recipient.

All the above-stated information must be provided in order to mail any documents like passport or any other legal document. Make sure you read the freight company’s terms and conditions before submitting your documents for delivering. Your documents are important. Do not give them up without inquiring. You can also ask other people for better options. Search for options and choose the best possible alternative. Prices might be high for delivery, but your documents are priceless so never make price an issue. SME Shipping Company has remarkable delivery services with the best customer support. You can always ask them for help. They will surely guide you for the best. Their safety measures are strict, and any parcel or document will be transferred to the desired location in maximum 5 days without any safety issue.