Conditions that the tier 1 investor visa scheme has!

This is an elaborated article about the tier 1 visa scheme, here we are going to see about the particular scheme in tier 1 that is investor visa, in this if you have pounds of two million amount then with that if you invest the funds with the active business and the trading business in the UK you have the eligibility to get this visa. Apart from this there are some conditions and terms are there here we are going deeper to know about all the details in it. For the general visa, people have to do the IELTS test with writing, reading, and the a2 english testFor this visa process, you need to have some other points that are pointed below.

Recent changes in the scheme by the government:

From 2019, march the basic requirements of the active and the trading business of the UK by the outsiders got few changes those are listed below,

  • This should be registered with the authorized companies and the government houses in the UK.
  • This should be registered for the HMRC for the tax under the corporation.
  • Having the accounts in the UK banks and this should show the regular transactions of goods and services.
  • Need at least two UK-based or citizen as an employee but they should not be the directors.

Investor points for the tier 1 visa:

The applicants must have at least seventy-five points to get granted for the immigration. They should be under good English proficiency for accessing their business. Apart from this some of the important conditions are mentioned down below,

  • You need to submit the evidence of the money you have and the whole amount should be legal. Along with this, you need to prove or submit the evidence from where that money is held.
  • There should be proof that you had those amounts for about more than three months and proof that you are available to spend the money or invest the money in the UK.

Other categories which are about personal status,

  • If you do not have that whole amount then at least your partner needs to have that money for the investment in that case you need to give proof of both are in a civil partnership or married.
  • You can submit the relationship proof if you are in the terms of about two years.
  • Along with this, you need to submit the statement of your partner that all the terms are legal and not under any falsified status.

Under this visa process, you are granted to stay for about in and around three years. This is the medium stay in the UK. Apart from this, the stay lies between the five years to two year period. With the interest level of your investment, the period will be calculated. There is some other document verification and the document submission process is available for the security reason from the government.

To make this visa process in the right way you have to understand all the terms and conditions of the scheme that the government had plated for the entry.