Commercial Truck Accidents and Personal Injury Compensation

Car accident injuries caused by ‘Big Rigs’ or Semi-Trucks are unique in nature and usually affect the trial outcome or settlement. Semi-truck operators are obliged to follow a number of state and federal regulations as well as carry higher insurance limits than standard vehicle drivers. In addition, parties other than semi-truck drivers may share financial responsibilities.

Due to these reasons, the plaintiff (who suffered an injury) injured by the defendant (semi-truck driver) stands a better chance of obtaining an injury settlement that perfectly fits his or her damages than a claimant in car accident claim. In this article, we will discuss the pertinent factors of an injury settlement following a semi-truck accident.

State and Federal Regulations

Semi-truck owners, operators and manufacturers are required to follow a wide spectrum of state of federal regulations. The types of conduct regulations in the trucking business involve quality control of manufacturing and repairs, how long a driver can drive without rest and how much weight a rig is capable of hauling.

If the plaintiff suffers an injury in an accident due to other party’s fault, high chances are the defendant(s) breached a statute of ordinance. It is crucial for settlement purposes because any proof that you violated an ordinance or a statue will shore up the odds of your wining at trial, which might prompt you to settle your case through negotiations.

State and federal regulations also require the semi-truck owners and operators to have higher insurance. In all cases of truck accident, the defendants can settle for an amount that they can afford or the highest figure (popularly known as policy limits)as allowed by their insurers.

For semi-truck insurances, the higher minimum policy limits as set by law imply that even if the owner or driver had the minimum amount, the plaintiff will get stuck with a petty settlement. It is usually not the case with the minimum insurance required in ‘”standard” car accident cases.

Multiple Defendants on Settlement – Know the Effects

If a lawsuit involves multiple defendants, they might have to share equal responsibilities for compensating the plaintiff for damages, subject to available evidences.

A big disadvantage of multiple defendants involved in a case, with no clear proportions of fault, is a settlement will more likely get difficult to obtain.

It might be evident that the plaintiff was not responsible for the accident. The defendants might prefer a trial for settlement if they fail to agree on their share in fault and who owes how much. The plaintiff can also reach settlement with one defendant and then sue others for the balance of the damages as figured out at trial.

Hire a Lawyer

It is unlikely for you to deal with the defendant and his/her representing lawyer for your accident damages. Commercial truck accidents, due to their uniqueness, are not easy to deal with. The case gets a new color and layer of complexity if multiple defendants are involved in the accident and damages. This is the scenario where help of a learned and experienced lawyer can provide you with immense benefits.