Comfort in summer

What is the most comfortable attire in summer? Most of the people will answer a tee-shirt, specifically a polo tee-shirt. Polos were the invention of India where players who used to play polo wore a unique tee-shirt with a v high neck and two to three buttons, and they were perfect for the scorching heat of the summer they were suitable for air ventilation as well. In earlier times, polos were made up of cotton blends, but with the development of technology, the shift of the fabric used was from cotton to polyester. So now most of the polo tee-shirt is made up of a blend of a higher amount of polyester and a little amount of cotton fabric.

Design your polo shirts

Now that you know the basics of polos and their origins and evolution. It is now possible for you to Design your polo shirts. 12Tees a clothing brand in Australia is giving you the chance to design your polo shirts. They also provide you with some of the most varied choices like they give you the option to choose your fabric for the polo as well. The wide range of polos includes polyester, cotton blended polyester, etc.

12Tees and your polo shirts

12Tees give you the chance to get yourself acquainted with some of the most advanced clothing techniques available in Australia. Like UV tech where the fabric of your polo shirt will keep the harmful UV rays away from your skin then there is also state of the art Nanotechnology available for the customers. You have the silver tech, UV tech, Nano dryX technology all at the tips of your fingers and you can choose from any of the technology above and create your polo shirts using your graphics, your favorite color, and all.

So if you are in Australia and wants to find relief from the scorching heat of the summer, then it is time you get in touch with 12Tees and get the polo shirt that is also designed by you.