Comedy Romantic released in the Telugu language on aha OTT

During the pandemic crisis when the world is facing a monstrous disease. It is spreading sorrow in our lives and is affecting every human being on this planet in all sorts of ways, whether it may harm us physically, mentally, socially, or economically. The entertainment industry has played a massive role in making us happy and keeping us motivated by entertaining audiences with various types of content in different genres. They made us laugh and smile even in the deadliest circumstances. It gives people hope and courage to live happily and sustain themselves in these situations too. One of those pioneers is Aha OTT. You may watch Telugu moviesonline or download them via Aha OTT. 

We know that the Telugu movie industry has always provided content-rich scripts with multiple emotions making the audience entertained. Telugu movie directors are known for their experiments and risk-taking factor. It adds new heights to the masterpiece produced. Earlier, OTT platforms were only available for either the Hollywood or Bollywood film industry.

Here is a review of one of the most entertaining movies of 2021, ThellavaritheGuruvaram:


ThallavaritheGuruvaram is a romantic comedy starring Sri Simha and MishaNarang. The film begins with a marriage setup where everyone is happy for the marriage. Both bride and groom put up a hoax image that they are so glad and excited about the wedding. But both bride and groom are not interested in marriage. Also, they were forced due to certain situations. They decided to run away. But destiny had some other plans for them. While attempting to escape from the marriage venue, both bump into each other and decide to run away together. It creates a mess. Then a mind-blowing comedy angle gets involved. Comedian Satya adds multiple flavors of comedy with his comic timing and hilarious acting skills making the audience go insane. Later, the couple forcefully spends a night together learning about each other’s past, getting to know each other better, and revealing each other’s insecurities.

Now, will they run away from the marriage or spend the rest of their life together as a happy couple? Will they be able to resolve their issues?

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