Clearabee cuts clothing waste emissions clean in to pieces

Over a quarter of a million tonnes of clothing are dumped each year, and go to clog up landfill sites in the UK. Each year, it is estimated that every person in the country bins 8 items of clothing, totalling a value of some £12 billion. A survey undertaken by The Times in 2018 indicated that this amount parcels down to £500 per individual. Of those people who discard clothing, rather than salvaging them for a charity shop or as hand-me-downs, over half threw away serviceable items and one in twenty individuals are estimated to dispose of clothing that is unworn.

The value of clothing currently residing in landfill sites could be as much as £30 billion. The sources of textile landfill waste are also unexpected and shocking, as all too often, returned clothing is simply sent to add to the piles of decaying rubbish clogging up our environment. An effective source of rubbish removal is called for.

Here is a closer look at how clothing clogging landfill sites can harm the world:

  • The clothing that sits in landfill sites can exist for up to 200 years
  • Globally, it is estimated that only 20% of clothing is recycled
  • Decomposing clothing emits methane, a greenhouse gas that is more harmful within the atmosphere than carbon.

Here are some suggestions as to how individuals can minimise the impact they have on the environment by disposing of unwanted garments:

  • Commit to buying less quality garments. Be prepared to spend a little more in the anticipation of your garments lasting longer – and don’t purchase one off bargains for occasions when you can never envision yourself wearing the clothes again.
  • Host clothing swaps. Just because you don’t want a garment, isn’t to say no one else will
  • Dispose of your clothes responsibly. If they are slightly damaged, sell them at a reduced price on a website such as Ebay.
  • Donate your clothes to local charities rather than overseas ones. This maximises the chances that your clothes will reach a sale rail, or somebody who is genuinely in need, rather than a landfill site.
  • Investigate rubbish removal options that are responsible.

Clearabee represents a revolutionary approach to rubbish removal in the UK. Offering packages to suit the individual need and the sheer level of unwanted items, Clearbee takes its roll of diverting waste products from landfill sites seriously. As a company responsible for rubbish removal, it takes into account the broader picture, and quite literally how our unwanted stuff impact on the wider environmental picture of our country. In 2019, Clearabee planted a total of 18,500 trees, establishing two entirely new forests, to fill our lungs with oxygen and to be enjoyed by everyone. Who could argue with creating something beautiful, from the profits generated by safely disposing of waste.

If your wardrobe is clogged up with unwanted garments, give Clearabee a call. They can supply a rubbish removal van complete with man to operate it, or a skip with a flexible removal schedule if you have a lot of unwanted clothing.

How are Clearabee environmentally responsible?

Well, they aim to divert any rubbish away from landfill sites where this is humanly possible. They seek alternative solutions. They also offset the carbon emissions from their hire vehicles by 150%.