Choosing the Right Christening Dress for Your Baby

Christening dresses are for a once in a lifetime event, so you want to make sure you choose the right one.

Religion: The christening dress can vary according to one’s faith. Since the christening dress has a lot of symbolism, the requirements of the religion should be given priority. Some religions will want to the dress to be a shade of white, while some may allow for pastels or a cream color. Mint green or baby pink may be acceptable for many different ceremonies.

Culture: Certain cultures will use some of their heritage for inspiration for their christening gowns. For example, there are special Italian and Irish christening dresses. Celtic gowns will use Irish cotton or linen and may use a gold trim for decorations. Dresses can have Irish motifs, such as Celtic crosses or shamrocks. There may be elaborate embroidery on part of the bottom of the dress.

Gown or Dress: There may be some confusion when shopping for this event because both gowns and dresses are used. These terms are often used in an interchangeable way, but there are a few differences. A gown is used to describe a more traditional style and it is longer in length. A dress can be shorter and can range from mid-calf to the tips of the toes. A shorter style may be better for an older child, since it’s easier for them to handle after the ceremony.

Girls and Boys: There are traditional styles for both girls and boys. Traditionally, both girls and boys wear christening gowns. If you want to follow in this tradition, you can choose a casual and simple style for a boy. There are also unisex dresses on the market. Today, many choose a romper or suit for a boy instead of a gown, but there are options for both and there are even convertible gowns for boys.

Climate: The area where you live can affect what kind of christening dress you want. If it’s hot and sunny when you are going to have the christening, you may want a lighter fabric such as cotton or silk and consider shorter sleeves. In a cooler climate, you can also consider a hat or bonnet and a blanket.

Fit: You want the child to be comfortable, so make sure the baby has enough room to move around without any constriction. Check sizing charts for proper fit. Also choose materials that are soft against the skin, so it doesn’t cause any itching or discomfort.

Detailing: Pay attention to the details. Are the buttons sewn on correctly? Does the detailing match the dress? The right details can make all the difference in a dress.

Budget: There are plenty of christening dresses for every budget. Know your budget before you begin shopping so you aren’t overwhelmed with the options.