Choosing a Sink and Complimentary Fixtures that Highlight Your Bathroom

If you are designing your bathroom then you will no doubt be lost in a sea of color schemes and theme ideas for the space. Once this has been decided upon it is vital that you pay close attention to the sink and the complimentary fixtures like bathroom taps and towel rings, which are far more important to the overall look than you may realize. These details in the bathroom make all the difference and this is why many bathroom retailers, have such a wide range of colors and styles to choose from.

These small details in the room help to really set the overall style and can make the difference between a gorgeous bathroom and one which is simply fit for purpose. To give you some ideas as to what kind of styles you can bring to life with these installations, here is a quick guide to choosing fixtures to compliment the overall design of your bathroom.

Sink Options

From a functionality point of view you need to pick the right sink based on how you and your family will be using it. For example, if you are designing a small downstairs bathroom, then a pedestal sink will be a great choice as it is both small and quaint. The space of your bathroom will have a big say in which sink you choose. Integral countertop sinks are great for large family bathrooms and they can offer a sleek and clean look thanks to their seamless design. Another tip when you are looking to install a sink, is to also look at the mirror you are looking to place above the sink. The shape of a mirror should be the same as the shape of the sink, as it gives a stylish and uniform look. For instance, if you are looking to utilise a round bathroom mirror then look to go with a round sink rather than a rectangular sink and visa versa.

Rectangular v Circular Sinks

As to whether you chose a circular or rectangular sink will come down to the general theme of your bathroom and the shapes which it has within it. A rectangular sink is often used more in modern bathrooms and they can provide quite a centerpiece for the room. However, rectangular sinks can be more problematic for drainage so bear that in mind.  Oval/circular sinks appear more traditional, but they have great drainage and they reduce the possibility of splashing over the floor or countertop, which is also something that often occurs with a rectangular sink.


Your bathroom tap and sink combo is what will really set the style in your bathroom, let’s have a look at some combinations which you could look to use.


The rugged urban look is very much in style at the moment and it focuses heavily on rough surfaces and exposed pipes. Copper taps work really well with round granite sinks and they compliment each other when looking to achieve an industrial style look.

Ultra Modern

For a super modern look combine polished chrome taps with a square slate sink. For an extra touch why not look into touchless taps, which will add an even more modern feel to the space.

Traditional Chic

Many still prefer classic chic in their bathrooms and you can achieve this with a traditional round sink and bright gold taps with rounded handles and to top off this look, opt for a mirror with a frame to bring it all together.


If you are looking for a fresh white bathroom then look no further than porcelain-coated taps which cover the chrome outlet, and a large, deep sink made from shiny white porcelain. Finish this look off with a frameless mirror.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted taps can look super cool and add a real touch of style to your bathroom. For the best look aim to cover up the plumbing on your sink with a walnut colored unit, as this will really highlight the trendy taps installed into the wall.

Don’t underestimate the power that smaller parts of the bathroom play in the overall look. Make sure that everything from mirrors, to taps and sinks all compliment each other and add to the overall theme of the bathroom. Otherwise you risk ending up with a tacky, thrown together bathroom that will not only be ugly looking, but could also cause you issues on resale value of your property, later on down the track.