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Statistical studies of the results of the implementation of automated free crm tools systems. The role of IT is increasing customer focus and reducing marketing costs.Description of the main advantages of using information technology as a tool for effective customer relationship management:

As a result of statistical surveys conducted in advanced economies, it was found that interaction with a significant number of existing (up to 50%) customers of many companies does not bring sufficient profit due to inefficient interaction with them. Customer dissatisfaction is the cause of frequent supplier changes. For example, most Fortune 500 companies lose up to 50% of their customers every 5 years. Customer care greatly affects the image of the company, as customers dissatisfied with the quality of service replicate information about their negative experience much wider than satisfied customers with positive interaction. It can also be the perfect Learning Management System here.

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Therefore, for many companies, the key to viability is constancy, customer loyalty. At the same time, the main goal of the marketing efforts of most enterprises and organizations engaged in various fields of activity is to attract customers through high-cost marketing programs. This requires a review of the marketing policy and its reorientation to the primary solution to the problems of increasing customer loyalty.

  • Effective customer relationship management requires an individual approach to each client, analysis of relationships with them in order to identify the most promising. For this, it is necessary to collect and process large amounts of information on the history of relationships with each client.
  • To solve these problems, the concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management – Customer Relationship Management) was actively developed, which involves the use of advanced management and information technologies to optimize customer relationships.

This publication attempts to give a systematic presentation of the main advantages of using information technologies as a tool for effective customer relationship management and demonstrate the main possibilities of their practical application using the example of the popular system of complex automation of enterprise management using standard and industry-specific products of the. You can goi for the top crm systems there.

  • The role of customer-oriented management technologies in improving the efficiency of the enterprise.

Statistical studies conducted in economically developed countries show that:

1) The cost of attracting a new client is on average five times more than the retention of an existing one

2) Relationships with most of the customers begin to generate sustainable profits only a year after the start of work with them. Therefore, if a new client works with the company for less than a year, then the costs of attracting it do not pay off and the company incurs losses

3) To conclude a deal with an existing customer is much easier and 5-10 times cheaper than with a new buyer

4) An increase in the number of regular customers by 5% increases sales by more than 25%, and profit by 50-100%

5) About 50% of the existing customers of most companies do not make a profit due to inefficient interaction with them

6) About 80% of the company’s income is provided by 20% of its customers

7) Customers dissatisfied with the interaction with the company replicate a negative opinion about it significantly wider than satisfied – positive.