Choose Merbau Wood For Your Decking, Here’s Why

If you are looking at giving your garden a small makeover ahead of the summer, then now is the perfect time. If you get started now then you’ll have enough time to plan, save and execute, making sure that your garden will be looking great come summertime. One of the most popular features which many people like to install in their garden is a decked area, as it is perfect for breaking up the garden and an ideal spot to relax in your outdoor space. However, picking the right wood for this task is half the battle, with first having to choose between various hardwoods & softwoods as each provide their own benefits and drawbacks. One decking that has been particularly popular is Merbau decking. Here is why many people have been finding it to be the perfect candidate for their decking solutions.


First to give you some background, this wood originates mainly from south east Asia, specifically in places like the Philippines, Indonesia & even in Australia’s North Queensland. Whilst this wood is highly sought after, you will find that it is sold throughout Australia, unlike many other nations who either can’t obtain it or the prices are too astronomical to make it a viable option. However, it is important to note that while Merbau is more readily available, it is generally a bit more expensive in the short-term, but in the long-term it is far more worthwhile (with many of the reasons mentioned below).


This wood type is very hard indeed and its Janka rating for hardness is just under 1800Ps, to put that in context it is 80% higher on the scale than teak or black walnut wood, and around 35% harder than oak hardwood. This hardness also makes it easy to clean & maintain compared to softwoods, which is especially ideal when looking for a wood type for flooring and decking (as they can both be a hassle to maintain/clean).


The natural colouring of Merbau wood is another reason why it is so attractive to customers looking to use it for decking. The colours range from a dark reddish brown to light golden brown depending on the age of the wood and throughout the wood you will find little golden specks, which add a beautiful finish once the decking is complete. Finally, even after treating the wood these splashes of colour will remain the same.

Fire Resistant

Believe it or not this wood is also fire resistant thanks to its rich density. Naturally all wood burns, but the high resistance to extreme temperatures and fire make Merbau the ideal candidate for decking or flooring, when building in Bush-Fire prone areas or high temperature environments.


Durability is of course extremely important for decking. Merbau is known for this very characteristic as it won’t split or crack no matter how the temperature changes or how the decking is used. It is also known to be highly resistant to rot and insects attacks as well, making it highly suitable for any decking. The reason why it is such a durable wood is thanks to its oily properties, which prevent splitting or cracking. This oiliness is also the reason why this wood won’t shrink or expand as the climate changes.

While Merbau presents a slightly higher price compared to alternatives the wood itself is tough, extremely low maintenance, beautiful to look at and it is also responsibly sourced. It also offers far more long-term benefits compared to its competitors, making it the ideal option when looking for a permanent decking solution.