Choose Best Dentist in Kolkata

Dentist is a surgeon who are mainly specialist in dentistry. Dentist are also known as Dental surgeons. They are mainly deal with the oral problem. They diagnose, prevent and treatment the problems which are related to oral cavity. Dentist supporting team aids are provided oral health care services. This team includes dental assistant, dental hygienists, dental technicians and dental therapists. Dentist are mainly deals with problem which happens on the teeth. Dentistry is also the branch of the medical science. There are different types of dentist are there and the work is also different in nature.


To become a dentist one have completed some courses and some exams. At first to become a dentist it is very much important that the students must have a bachelor degree on dental surgeon which is known as Bachelor of dental surgery or B.D.S. Then one have to complete the Doctor of dental courses or D.M.D. After completed that one have to complete these courses like Doctor of Dental surgery or D.D.S. Finally after completing these courses one have to completed Doctor of Medicine or M.D in dental surgery. After completing all these courses, practices one can become a Dental surgeon or Dentist.


Kolkata is a capital of West Bengal which is a state of India.  Kolkata is located in the bank of river Hooghly and 75 kilometers in the west of the border of Bangladesh. This city is a cultural, commercial and educational capital of east India. Kolkata is the oldest port in India and sole major port of riverine port. This city is widely known as cultural capital of India. Kolkata is also known as city of joy it is the nickname of Kolkata. Kolkata is the 7th most populous city of India. Kolkata has 4.5 million population.

Dentist in Kolkata

Kolkata is a very populated city of India. It had a huge population which is make it 3rd most populous metropolitan area of India. Kolkata has many thing to explore. Nature wise these city has buildings, well known hospitals, medical care center, health care Center etc. There are many dental clinics are dental hospitals where one can find best treatment and best doctors as per their requirements. There are many best Dentist in Kolkata are there for the patients. There are many hospitals are multispecialty hospital where one can find best treatments for dental care and one can also find some best dental surgeon.


Kolkata is the one of the best and finest city of West Bengal as well as India. There are any type of facilities one can find in Kolkata. Like there are many best hospitals as well as one can find many reasonable health care center which is easily affordable by all people. There are hospitals where you can fine best doctors in dental surgery. There are some clinics where only dental regarding activities are happened and best dental doctors are there with their best treatments for their patients with best equipment’s.