Check Out Home Gyms Bellow 1000 Dollars: Membership vs. Garage Gyms

When it comes to working out, you will have two choices in front of you: either you can find a membership gym where you have to pay a fee so that you can use equipment in front of others, or you can create your own gym in the garage.

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In most cases, people think that buying all equipment requires a small fortune, however, that is not the case, because you will be able to do it for below a thousand dollars. Both choices come with advantages and disadvantages that we will present you in further text:

Garage Gyms


The Advantages


  • Save Money In A Long Run – When you decide to choose a membership gym, it means that you have to pay fees for using all things inside. In most cases, you will also pay for equipment that you do not use. Therefore, you will save more money in the long run by getting your own equipment because you will accommodate it per your wishes.
  • You Do Not Have To Wait In Queue – Since all people around us are trying to improve their lifestyles through working out, it is a common choice to see bunch of people working out with you. On the other hand, in your personal gym, you will not have to stand a few feet away and wait for someone to stop working out so that you can do it. At the same time, you can avoid the passive-aggressive staring, which is common in public gyms.


    • Avoid Embarrassment – Some people do not act to well in public, which means that you can avoid letting others judge you due to your physical condition. Having a home gym will provide you with privacy so that you can work out without a t-shirt without anyone noticing. You can wear what you want, yell as much as you can and do things that you would not normally do in public gym. Check out the simple ways to get home gyms on a budget on the link we shared with you. 


  • Avoid Commuting – You just have to walk down so that you can reach the garage, which will save you plenty of time that you would lose while going to a public gym.


The Disadvantages


  • Garage Space – If you have a small garage that can fit a single car, you will need it to park your vehicle, or you have to park outside so that you can work out with ease. However, you can choose the attic as well if you have it of course.
  • Limited Equipment Options – Unless you decide to pay for thousands of dollars to get everything public gyms have, the reality states that you will need a few things inside that will provide you with the same efficiency. Therefore, you should find a squat rack, plates, barbell, and bench, while other things are optional.


Membership Gyms

The Advantages


  • Ample Services and Amenities – Of course, this particular factor depends on the type of gym you decide, but in most cases, you will be able to choose numerous amenities by paying a membership fee. We are talking about equipment, smoothie bars, personal trainers, towels and many more. 
  • Childcare – You will be able to drop your kids inside during the workout, and these benefits are vital because some gyms feature the ability for your children to enjoy while you are working out in the next room.
  • Wide Array Of Equipment – The main benefit of going to the public gym is the ability to use a wide array of equipment that you cannot get for your garage unless you have five numbers in your pockets. You will be able to use specialized equipment for people with injuries, which is not something that you will get with basic equipment for garage workout.


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The Disadvantages


  • Crowd – The biggest problem with membership gyms is the annoying thing that everyone is around you and that you have to wait in queue so that you can use squat for instance. 
  • Commuting – Time is essential in today’s world, and in most cases, you will need at least half an hour to reach the closest gym, and the expanses will affect not just your free time, but gas money, parking fees and other things that you have to do along the way.