Causes And Remedies For Upper Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and motherhood is a delight for many women. Although for some, it can be frustrating and annoying due to the many symptoms like nausea, frequent urination, etc. Pregnant women undergo upper back or thoracic spine pain many times. For sure, you must be wondering about the remedies as well. First, let’s check the causes of upper back pain before getting into the remedies.

What are the causes of upper back pain during pregnancy?       

There are many reasons for upper back pain in pregnant women. Moreover, it is quite common among those women who are in their third trimester. One cause can be that there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the muscles in the back since the baby keeps growing in size and the uterus shifts the centre of gravity. The other reason for having upper back pain is the increased weight in a short period during the pregnancy. Most women experience hormonal changes during the last stages of pregnancy. Hormones are released when your body prepares for delivery. It helps to loosen muscles and ligaments in the body, giving little stability in the back and pelvis, making the muscles work harder and causing muscle spasm.

What are the remedies of upper back pain for pregnant women?

Now that you know the causes of upper back pain, you can read about its remedies in the following points.

  1. Daily physical activity: You can include walking and swimming in your daily physical activity. After all, you need to stay healthy and maintain a stronger upper back. Hence, performing physical activities will help you relieve the pain instead. But it is highly recommended to consult your health provider to approve exercises like walking and swimming. You can even contact a physical therapist who can demonstrate some exercises and stretches. After performing the stretches and exercises, you will feel better as your upper back pain gradually reduces.
  1. Proper sleep posture: Some pregnant women tend to struggle a lot while sleeping on their side, which causes upper back pain. Generally, the first trimester progresses easily as pregnant women maintain a proper sleeping posture. But what about the second and third trimester? Sleeping can be difficult while being pregnant, especially during the second and third trimester. So, what to do in this case? Well, you can put a pillow between your knees and under your abdomen. It helps in maintaining a neutral spine while sleeping. Additionally, you can place a fair number of pillows behind your back before sleeping for a neutral neck and a proper cervical spine position. You can also try sleeping on your side and not on your back.
  1. Practice good standing posture: The more your baby grows, the more your centre of gravity begins to shift forward. It can lead to muscle strain in your upper back and lower back. You will need to stand up straight and tall without locking knees, hold your chest high and most importantly, allow your shoulders and back to relax. If you have to stand for a very long period, you can change your feet frequently by resting one foot on a tiny stool as it aids in changing the weight distribution.
  1. Don’t wear heels: Not all pregnant women can thrive in heels without upper back pain. It becomes necessary to select the proper shoe wear, so there won’t be any discomfort in your back. The appropriate shoe wear will assist you by providing good base support and keeping the spine neutral.

Hormonal changes and increasing weight are some of the causes of upper back pain during pregnancy. Well, there are remedies or treatments for it as well. If your upper back pain continues to persist, you can always apply heat and ice on your back or go for a massage to reduce the pain.