Bus Booking Africa tips

Surrounded by water from all sides, Africa is a continent with perfectly defined borders. In the north it is separated from West by the Mediterranean Sea, in the northeast, is separated from Asia by the Suez Canal and farther by the Red Sea. From the southeast and east, it is bordered by the Indian Ocean, […]

A budget trip from Chandigarh to Delhi

When my friends first told me about the Delhi trip, I right away started calculating the entire expense in my mind. I would back out because I thought it would be a costly affair. But guess what? Having a group of friends who are as broke as you come in handy. We sat together and […]

Hualalai- a stunning volcano paradise of Hawaii

Hawaii is known as volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean.  Here are some of the fun facts about Hawaii, the most amazing island. Hawaii before becoming a state, it was a kingdom. The very first King of Hawaii was Kamehameha the Great. His kingdom was established with the sole help from the British between the […]

Visiting Bali Island with Kids

Though there are very few holiday destinations that you cannot travel with your kids, there are still some that do not have many activities to offer kids. This could lead to a nightmare for you considering that kids love having fun and need to see things that make them happy. You do not have to […]

What is packaging and why is it required?

Packaging has a lot of things involved in it- It gives room to the content that needs to be packed, it also prevents from wear and tear of content while shipping from one place to another. It helps in avoiding oxidising of content, which might worsen the content It helps to identify the product. It […]