Soundcheck 101: Tips for Success

If you have a band, it’s likely that you’ve spent hours upon hours practicing and writing music. All of this hard work can go to waste if your live performances aren’t up to par, which often occurs due to bands not taking soundchecks seriously. Preparation is key if you want to have a great live […]

Unique Metal Stamping Needs

If you are interested in crafts or the concept of how things are made and built, you have probably heard of the phrase “Metal Stamping.” as it comes up during a lot of different projects. But what exactly is it? Well, it’s a process of shaping a solid piece of metal into a different shape […]

Saving Money on your San Diego Stop

San Diego, CA, US Exploring San Diego on a Budget With the town’s all-year round warm weather, sandy beaches and lots of tourist attractions, San Diego is certainly one of the best cities in the world to visit. From water parks, zoos, entertainment centers, down to historic sites and beaches, the town has it all. […]

13 Wine Terms Every Wine Lover Must Know

There comes a time in every wine lover’s life where an upgrade from cheap box wine is necessary. The first step towards tasting the finest wines in the country is to go to the nearest winery of course. And while no one is expected to become a wine connoisseur overnight, planning it helps to know […]