Cannabis Cultivation: How to Build a Grow Room

Did you know that it takes anywhere from 3 to 8 months to grow and cultivate marijuana? 

With more states legalizing medical and recreational use of marijuana, grow rooms are becoming more popular.

If you are thinking about creating a grow room to save money, there are some things you will need.

Continue reading to discover all of the steps to build a proper grow successful room. 

Find Your Space 

The first thing you must take care of when you go to build a grow room is to find your space.

Many people have a basement grow room, but you can do it in any room you have. If this is for a business, you might want to consider building a new structure to house your plants. Wherever you decide to put your grow room, make sure that you follow all local and state laws. 

Certain areas will require you to get a license to grow. You should also think about how large of an operation you will be running. The more plants that you have, the more space you will require. 

Disinfect Your Growing Room

Once you have found a good area to grow your plants in, you will need to disinfect the room.

Start by taking everything out of the room, and clean from the ceiling to the floors. During this time, it is also a good idea to ensure that there aren’t any gas or carbon monoxide leaks. After you have fully cleaned the area, you can begin placing clean items in the room. 

Many people recommend cleaning out air ducts, as the dust buildup can impact ventilation. Try using natural or chemical-free cleaners when disinfecting your area so that your plants are exposed to toxins. 

Map Out Your Room Design

After you have cleaned up your space, you can focus on your grow room design.

By searching online, you can find various maps and floorplans that work for other people. This information can save you a lot of time and frustration so that you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Make sure that you supply enough space for your plants to be spread out. You will also need to account for lighting fixtures, storage, and ventilation. The more care that you put into this planning, the fewer adjustments you will need to make once the room is full. 

Take Care of Ventilation 

Building a grow room will require you to have access to air duct vents that go out of the house or building. 

You will need to vent out all of the humid air that is inside the room. Some people use a dehumidifier if they are limited on ventilation options.

Proper ventilation is crucial because it helps control CO2 levels. CO2 levels should be consistently low and there should be constant airflow from outside. An exhaust system will help draw in the cool air that is fresh and full of oxygen. The plants will need balanced CO2 levels, otherwise, they won’t grow. 

Provide a Water Source

Another factor that you will need to consider when building a grow room is water access.

You will need to be constantly watering your plants in the early phases of growing. Many people recommend getting a grow room that has access to water. You can attach a hose to your sink and get all of the plants watered quickly.

If you have to walk to another floor or room, prepare to be carrying a lot of buckets of water. When watering your plants, always use a watering can or adapter to adjust output settings. Jet stream water coming out of the hose can easily cause damage to your plants. 

Install Growing Lights 

One of the most important things about growing marijuana is that you have proper lighting.

Growing lights will be used throughout the entire growth period and will also help dry out your buds. If you don’t have the means to take care of your lighting, consider looking at grow room electricians cost that could help save you time. 

Most people use hooks and light holders to direct their light towards the plants. You can also use standing lights, just be sure that they reach all of the roots. 

Gather Materials & Tools

There are a couple of other items that you will need for your growing room besides ventilation and lights. 

To have a successful grow room, you will need to put up a thermometer to monitor the temperature. You will also need gardening tools that will help you plant and harvest your marijuana. 

Make sure that you get quality soil for your plants. Depending on the pH levels of the soil, you may also need nutrients to encourage growth. 

Move in Your Plants 

After the room has been set up and all of the materials have been bought, you are ready to move your plants.

By looking at your floorplan that you previously mapped out, you can determine how many plants your room can hold. You should also be able to recognize the spacing for each plant. 

As you put the plants in your room, you may have to make adjustments. As you become more experienced with growing, this sort of mapping will become easier. 

You Can Build an Effective Grow Room

There are many factors to consider if you have decided to build a grow room for your home or business. 

By utilizing this guide, you can identify the best places to grow, what you will need, and how to get there. By mapping out your room, you can accommodate all of the items you will need. Proper ventilation and lighting are essential for a successful grow room.

Take your time setting this room up, neglecting one area could impact the way that your plants grow. 

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