Calf Reduction Surgery: What Are My Options?

One’s face and perception of their beauty is an important part of building self-esteem. Being comfortable in the size and shape of one’s body is too. Many women, and yes, men are conscious of the looks of their legs and want to achieve having perfect legs.

More surgical procedures in the US are gearing toward body enhancement, and this includes calves. Calf reduction surgery can reshape calves that are too bulky, thick, and disproportional to your body.

Why Calf Reduction May Be the Only Way to Reshape  Calves

Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice that can help you get the calves you want. Sculpting and toning the body can only do so much with working out.

As most people know, it’s impossible to spot reduce. Focused exercise routines on your calves may never reduce them to get the shape you desire. The best way to slim and contour your thighs in these situations would be through calf reduction surgery.

Types of Calf Reduction Surgery 

Not one surgical option will fit everyone. That’s why there are several types of calf reduction surgeries available.

It’s best to review each and work with a specialist who can provide you the most suitable choice. For more information on types and calf reduction surgery available and on a great clinic to get it done visit:

Calf Liposuction 

Liposuction to the calves will help trim excess body fat in the area and reduce the size. It can provide a slimmer appearance with little downtime. This is a great permanent choice when bulkiness isn’t due to muscle.

Botox Calf Reduction 

Those who wish to slim their calves moderately may choose botox. It’s a noninvasive option that helps in reducing muscle activity which causes it to reduce in size over time.

You will need several treatments to get the best results. Keep in mind, it’s a temporary rather than a permanent solution.

Partial Muscle Removal 

When the problem with thick calves isn’t fat, it’s the muscle. Therefore, removing the excess muscle will help make the thighs more slender. An experienced doctor can help contour and tone the area in a natural manner. Those with bow legs may also benefit from this type of surgery.

Selective Neurectomy 

When you don’t use it you lose it, right? The same goes for muscles.

While you don’t want to shrink all your muscles, you may find it’s a perfect method for trimming certain areas like the calves. A doctor can perform controlled atrophy to reduce the calves when bulkiness is related to muscles.

Radiofrequency Calf Reduction 

Like liposuction radiofrequency is another minimally invasive option. There is a large amount of energy that radiofrequency releases that can remove bulk without compromising function. You can get more toned calves with little downtime.

Achieve Nicer Legs With Calf Reduction Surgery

You should always look at the pros and cons before electing for calf reduction surgery. You will be able to find the right low-risk choice by doing so. Complete a consultation first and find the right surgeon for you.

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