Bus Booking Africa tips

Surrounded by water from all sides, Africa is a continent with perfectly defined borders. In the north it is separated from West by the Mediterranean Sea, in the northeast, is separated from Asia by the Suez Canal and farther by the Red Sea. From the southeast and east, it is bordered by the Indian Ocean, from the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The total number of self-governing states in Africa is 54. Africa is divided into different parts.

Here are some of the bus book African tips in Zambia, Namibia and Morocco:

How to book Zambia bus ticket

Tiketibus is an online bus ticket booking Zambia platform that permits public to reserve, pick their seats and pay for their bus travel.

The common public can book their bus travel through a number of methods: Smart Phone, Online, Public Computer Kiosks, SMS, supermarkets and other authorized 3rd party places, customers also have a number of pay choices accessible to them cash payment to an agent to credit/debit card to mobile money. This is an all encompassing meta search system meaning customer are not limited to one bus firm.

How to book Namibia bus ticket

Although it may be slower if you are going from one place to another, buses are pretty relax and online bus ticket booking Namibia accessible, while some including mini Television to help you relax when you are done watching the savannah. Although, it can be extremely much pricey, one of the best and safest services to use is Intercape. Anyway, they do not travel to all parts of the Namibia, they mainly around huge towns. If you do end up with a bus, make sure you do online bus ticket booking Namibia and drive and forever stay in talk with them in case there are delays.

Other private operators also run shuttles to specific places: Townhoppers and Welwitschia Shuttle, both Swakopmund-based firms, operate daily air-conditioned shuttle services between the capital and the coast and you can book Namibia buy bus and shuttle online tickets.

How to book Morocco bus ticket

The road network in Morocco that connects all the big centres is well maintained and simple to use. Roads from neighboring nations offer simple access into Morocco with no issues linked with border crossings. It is advisable to do online bus ticket booking Morocco in advance and reserve your seat –   making your journey comfortable and relaxing.