Building the Perfect Storage Shed

A shed is a great storage option, especially if you have plenty of stuff to store as it allows for less mess inside your home (decluttering). But before you decide on which shed kit to buy or which material you plan to use for your storage shed, there is a lot to consider, in order to make the right choice. The environment for instance, will usually play a large factor. For example, Melbourne sheds tend to have to be quite weather resistant due to the erratic weather throughout the year. To begin your journey of planning and building the perfect storage shed here are a few areas you may need to address.


One of the first things you need to think about is the amount of space which you are going to need, compared to how much space you actually have to work with. Naturally this will also depend on how much stuff you are looking to store and your home/garden layout. If you are thinking about storing plenty of big, bulky items then you are going to need more space not only for storage, but also to allow for easy accessibility.

Type of Storage

The items which you plan to store are also very important in terms of choosing which type of shed you are going to need. Do you need good security for high value items? Does the shed need to remain at a certain temperature? If you need security then a plastic shed will be no good for you as they can be flimsy and if temperature is key then you will need to make steps to ensure that the shed is fully insulated/sealed and temperature controlled.


What kind of interior installations do you need for your goods? Do you need organized shelving for a range of different sized packages? Do you simply need a space to store a few bits and pieces? This information will also be key when it comes to both the materials and the style of shed which you design. For example, a resin shed won’t be a good fit for heavy items, as they are not able to support the weight.

Location of the Shed

Another key consideration is the location of the shed. Is it going to be quite close to the house or is it going to be located near the back of the garden? Also how will the location affect the overall look of the property, as well as usability of other areas such as the garden or parking etc.


Your budget will also play a key part in deciding which type of material and storage shed you wish to invest in. You may well be hoping for a highly secure shed, which is completely weather resistant and temperature controlled, but if your budget doesn’t allow for such requirements then you’ll need to look for more creative options or save for longer. Which then opens the question of how desperate are you for a storage shed? Can you hold off for 6 months?

Hopefully this piece hasn’t just provided you with more questions, but rather allowed you to be more analytical and decisive about your storage shed choices. Good luck with constructing your  new storage shed.