February 8, 2023

If you want to get the most out of your investment when you buy a house, it makes sense to get a Building Survey. This is the professional appraisal of the property that will tell you the condition of the building. It will determine if the purchase is a good one for the long term. A Building Survey is prepared by a qualified, experienced surveyor who will go through the property with you. The information he or she provides will help you make an informed decision. Contact Sam Conveyancing for a great Building Survey Reading based service.

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There are three main types of Building Surveys: home inspection, commercial/corporate building survey and pre-delivery inspection. Each type has its own unique set of considerations that must be addressed. You can find a professional who will do a building survey that takes a variety of factors into consideration. It may focus on general conditions, such as the exterior, roofing, plumbing, insulation, flooring, structural soundness and electrical wiring. Or it might take a more in-depth look at certain sections, like the basement or the kitchen.

It might also include a thorough examination of the visible interior condition. In either case, you need to know what kinds of information will be included in the report, how it will be interpreted and how you can get a copy. Many companies also offer a guarantee or warranty on the work they perform. It’s important to understand that not all building surveys are the same. Some are done by just inspecting the exterior and leaving out the interior or they will examine the roof and leave out the walls.

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A good building survey should provide information on the condition of the structure, including: the square footage, standing stock, condition of all accessible parts and any structural flaws. It will show the deficiencies and tell you what comparable structures are selling for. If you are looking for a pre-approved appraisal, it should be free and written by someone other than the seller. That way there is no subjective situation that could skew the actual value of the house. The valuation will be based on the facts and will not be influenced by who is paying or what the seller wants to see included.

If a building survey is carried out before an offer is made, this will eliminate a lot of time wasted if there is a problem with the property. It can save you a lot of money by showing you where you are losing money and showing you what repairs are necessary. You can also get valuable information on the different types of floors, ceilings and wall systems that will influence your decision on the price.

Building Surveys are usually a separate service within an inspection. For example, it might not be as detailed as an appraisal would be, but it still could be useful depending on the size of the home. The price would depend on the accuracy of the surveyor and the amount of information provided. Building Surveys are usually carried out by trained professionals and are completed in a short space of time.