Boho Fashion: How to Dress Boho Like a Pro

Boho fashion is one of the most stylish and versatile ways to dress. It’s a gorgeous, romantic, and feminine style that can fit many different personalities and budgets.

With so many facets to the aesthetic, it can seem intimidating to those new to bohemian fashion. When it’s done wrong, the boho style can look too busy or old-fashioned. When done correctly, however, it’s a beautiful thing.

So, how can you adopt the look for yourself? In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown and show you how to make the look seem effortless.

Earth Tones Are Your Friend

When it comes to a color palette for this boho-chic style, you’re going to want to stick to natural, earthy tones. You want to make use of deep greens and browns while peppering in dark purples and vibrant blues.

Think warm, woodsy colors and jewel tones. Metallics often come into play as well. Essentially, you want to think about colors you might find outside in a forest.

Boho Fashion Fabrics

The fabrics used in this style can make all the difference. Prints can have a big impact on the entire ensemble. Look for embroidered, floral, and tribal prints to really make a statement.

Using crocheted sweaters with big open eyelets will immediately scream boho. Chunky, oversized staples made from soft and cozy fabrics are always a good idea.

Suede and leather are perfect for accessories. Try sticking to brown and tan varieties to keep with the more natural look. Pair these with a long, flowy skirt and you’ve got yourself a can’t-miss boho look.

Find Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are a cornerstone of the boho fashion world. Look for unique jewelry made of turquoise or distressed silver. Roma Designer Jewelry has some unique anklets that are perfect to take your fashion up a notch.

You can also find oversized, chunky sweaters, gorgeous floral crowns, and overly flowy materials to really stand out from the crowd.

It’s All in the Details

The little details in bohemian fashion really make it stand out. Depending on your own taste you can find pieces with fringe, tassels, and even feathers.

A little bit can go a long way, so don’t go overboard. There’s a fine line between boho and shabby, but if you select your fashion thoughtfully you’ll be in good shape.

Express Yourself

One of the best things about boho styling is that everyone can make it their own. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the aesthetic, so you don’t have to feel like you’re following the crowd.

Look for staples made of your favorite fabrics and choose statement pieces that identify with your personality. The opportunity to express yourself and your tastes are pretty much unlimited when it comes to bohemian fashion.

Start Dressing Boho

If you follow these guidelines you’re sure to become a boho fashion pro in no time. Take a look in your closet for things that will already work and hit the shops to find the perfect accessories and staples to turn you into a chic, boho goddess.