Best Cinema with the Best Perception for You

Cinema is an art that impacts a very wide and varied audience. Several studies show that “word of mouth” is a great motivation that leads viewers to the movies. In its beginnings, the criticism was reduced to a writing allowing facilitating the entries in cinema. It was purely advertising. However, over time, it has taken on a whole new dimension because of the development of cinema and the media. Now she is no longer a film salesman, but she analyzes. Do you want to know more? Follow this guide to help you understand film criticism. With primewire the best movies come up.

What is cinema criticism?

A cinematographic criticism is usually a text that offers an appreciation of a film work. The goal is to encourage or dissuade the reader to discover the film. In addition to this aspect, it also allows for in-depth analysis of cinema works. As such, a film critic’s article must present a coherent judgment supported by arguments and examples.

Generally published in the print media at its origins, its support has since evolved into other media such as television, radio or internet. Contrary to the first opinion that one makes of it, the criticism of a film does not necessarily go in opposition to the work. Its author must indeed take a step back to make an unbiased analysis of the film.

Criteria for evaluating a film work

To become a movie critic, you do not need any special training. However, having studied performing arts, history of the letter or film studies can be an asset. The most important thing is to be a film buff and to love to write. To make a critique, it is important to review several aspects of the film. The following is a non-exhaustive list of points for consideration for a relevant analysis:

  • Director
  • Genre
  • Characters
  • The structure of the story (the scenario)
  • Staging
  • Special effects
  • The sound
  • The distribution

Evolution of cinema criticism

Criticism has undergone several changes with the evolution of the media. These are mutations of form and not of substance. Especially the arrival of internet support has changed the situation. In concrete terms, criticism has developed more on the internet than in paper journals. For good reason, websites are easily accessible wherever you are.

Moreover, although there are some people whose job it is, criticism has become much more widespread. Today, on websites or social networks, any user can rate and criticize a movie. From now on, it is not the opinion of a single person who will influence the decision of a spectator to follow or not a film, but it will be the opinion of a mass of people.

What to remember?

Cinema criticism is a means of influencing the decision of the audience to discover or not a cinematographic work. But from another angle, it is a relevant analysis of this work. This analysis takes into account several aspects of the film listed. Nowadays, the film criticism has become democratized thanks to the appearance of the internet and any internet user can thus play the role of the critic.