Begin Painting With These Essential Art Supplies 


Painting has been one form of art that has been around for centuries. From cave wall paintings to Mona Lisa, to Claude Monet’s impressions, paintings have piqued the attention of many.

The recent pandemic has forced millions of people to remain indoors. This has brought out the artists in many. If you, too, are an aspiring artist, these are items that you must purchase from art supplies in Sydney to begin your artistic journey. 

Acrylic Paint

These come in two qualities; students and artists’ colours. Usually, student colours are less vibrant and have a smaller selection of shades. Artists’ colours are of smoother consistency to allow for easy blending, and have a higher concentration of ground pigment, resulting in vivid colours.

For beginners on a budget, student colours are great as they are cheaper. If you are aspiring to showcase your work in galleries such as The Art Gallery of NSW or The Museum of Contemporary Art, you should pick professional paints in Sydney. 

Even in one acrylic paints brand, you will find that few colours are expensive compared to others. This is because certain pigments are hard to get. Manufacturers will rate them from 1 to 7, one being the cheapest. 

Paint Brushes

Brushes are available in eight primary shapes for different types of strokes. Off these, the rectangular and flat, and round and pointed ones are the basic brushes. Each style of brush will come in varying sizes. 

You have as many as 24 size options. Usually, mid-sized ones are ideal for most types of paintings. Galerie Pompom and similar galleries in Sydney are known for displaying only new talent. So, you can aim at a show there once you have a portfolio ready. 

The brush bristles are made of natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are recommended for acrylic paints as there is less damage over time. You can buy individual brushes as you need or directly opt for a brush set when purchasing art supplies in Sydney.

Painting Surfaces

Surfaces can range from paper to canvas. Canvas is usually the most popular, but people have been known to use tiles and glass too. There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to art. Canvas is either cotton or linen and comes in varying textures and weights. 

Canvas usually needs priming before you begin. Pre-primed canvases are available in rolls or pieces. It is available in the form of a spiral-bound primed canvas book. The prices vary depending on the quality you choose. 

A Kit to Hold Everything

Now that you have the necessary supplies, you can begin your artistic ventures. Storing these supplies carefully is vital because any damage will mean replacing the item. You can purchase a professional painting kit, which may be a bit expensive, or use a toolbox to store all your supplies in a well-organised manner. 


While the title did mention only four items, there are some extras that you may need as you become a pro. You may need chalk, easel, portfolio, cotton rags, painter’s apron, an appropriate storage space, and finally, a workspace. 

The arts and cultural sector in NSW were valued at $16.4 billion in 2016-17 and growing. Venturing into painting does not need too much planning. All you need are the four items mentioned above, and you can begin your journey. As you progress to advanced levels, you can always add more items to your inventory. Art supplies in Sydney were never so easy to get hold of.