Be Careful and Avoid Common Mistakes Made During Dianabol Cycle


First steroids were produced for their use in the medical treatment of lack of male secondary sexual characteristics, also known as Hypogonadism, and to promote skeletal muscle growth. Its use was much later established in bodybuilding. The first-ever synthetic steroid used by bodybuilders to enhance muscle mass was testosterone. Dianabol became popular later for it produced results in relatively shorter cycles. 

High-risk profiles of anabolic steroids prompted governments to make it illegal for non-prescription use. However, you can still procure genuine steroids legally online from It is the best bodybuilding Dbol site where you get many choices at low costs. 

Benefits of Dianabol

When used appropriately and with medical guidance, Dianabol can prove to be helpful in:

  • Boosting protein synthesis
  • Enhancing glycogen breakdown
  • Enhancing protein transport to muscles and bones, thus increasing skeletal strength. 
  • Enhancing nitrogen retention and thus creating an anabolic atmosphere that will maintain your energy levels during strenuous workouts. 
  • Promotes red blood cell production ensuring the availability of nutrients and oxygen to the newly developing muscle mass. 

Dianabol helps in gaining muscle weight while minimizing body fat percentage at the same time. Most people gain 15-20lbs during a Dianabol cycle. 

Practices that must be avoided when you do Dianabol cycles

Dianabol can be harmful if you don’t know how it cycles it appropriately. Beginners must consult expert advice before self-medicating themselves with Dianabol. Avoid the following practices to reduce the risk of liver damage and other potential side effects of Dianabol:

  • Don’t hit the gym when you just got off from a steroid cycle. You will feel more tired than usual and your body needs time to recharge for the next cycle. 
  • Not incorporating PCT with the Dianabol cycle can impair the normal endocrine cycle of testosterone production permanently. You might require life-long supplements in such a scenario. 
  • Don’t follow advanced users and stick to a Dianabol cycle for not more than 6 weeks. Longer use turns the risk to reward factor against you. 
  • Dianabol has a short half-life and causes estrogen spikes very fast. Always keep an aromatase inhibitor handy when you start a D-bol cycle. 
  • Not using liver supplements can tax your liver sometimes even permanently. During the cycle and a few weeks post cycle, use liver support religiously. There will be changes in your blood liver profile but will return to baseline after discontinuation.
  • Avoid intake of alcohol and NSAIDs with Dianabol as they will put additional stress on your liver. Dehydration caused by alcohol will further aggravate the problem and cause water retention.
  • Don’t do a solo D-bol cycle as it causes a shutdown in terms of energy and libido. You will lose whatever you have gained pretty fast. Use low dose testosterone simultaneously with Dianabol.

Dianabol can help you in improving your muscle mass and enhancing your performance and efficiency while allowing you to feel healthy during the transformative period. It is a powerful bulking supplement and reduces exercise fatigue and remodels your physique completely.