Basic Football Handicapping Techniques for Successful Betting

In simple terms, analyzing relevant information to what is to be wagered can be termed as handicapping. The analysis is used to form opinions on the possibilities of specific outcomes to make betting decisions. There is no need to perform an in-depth analysis or use complex formulas and systems.

To handicap football, there is no need to have a knack at analytical skills or be a mathematical wizard. Before you get registered on the UFA betting platform be prepared to spend time and effort to understand the basics and become an effective handicapper.

Basics cover the main handicapping types – fundamental and technical

Fundamental handicapping is less restrictive, while technical handicapping revolves around statistics, trends & patterns. The former involves subjective thinking and forming balanced opinions. Fundamental handicappers look at factors like weather, motivation, home advantage, and injuries.

The latter is rigid and depends solely on raw numbers evaluation. The picture painted is partial as many factors that can impact the game outcomes get ignored. Choosing technical or fundamental handicapping is a subjective factor, so never be concerned in comparing the pros and cons. It is great to understand each one and concentrate on finding out the kind of data d technique you wish to handicap.

Statistical handicapping

Football bettors find statistics helpful to some extent. A few stats used in making betting decisions are –

  • Points per game
  • Passing yards/game
  • Third down efficiency
  • Yards per game
  • Number of tackles
  • Number of interceptions
  • Yards after catch
  • Number of sacks
  • Turnover differential

The point per game stats can be used to determine the possible point’s total. If total is high than the relevant line, bet the over and vice versa. The key stats can be used to compare both the teams’ defense and offense performance. You get an idea of which team has a better chance to win or cover the spread. Player’ stats can be applied to bet on props like how many yards, over or under.

Situational handicapping

Situational factors, which can impact the football game outcomes include –

  • Motivation
  • Playing condition
  • Schedule

Study the past performance of the team in specific circumstances to get an idea of their future performance in similar conditions. Assess the surrounding conditions of an upcoming game to see how they will probably impact each team.

Trend based handicapping

Identify the trends & patterns, which can continue. Some examples of trends bettors look for are –

  • Performing well or badly after a huge loss or win
  • Always winning at home
  • Mostly losing away from home
  • Consistently beating a definite opponent
  • Performing badly or well under pressure

Trends and patterns that can have value are hard to identify. You need to sift through a huge amount of information, which is time-consuming. Instead, you can highlight the potential opportunities for a trend to continue and even reasons for extra assurance.

Combination handicapping

All the handicapping techniques are crucial to making an informed betting decision. Combining all of them will offer a wide analysis and more information to determine the betting value.

Basic skills that you will need to develop for using a single or combination of handicapping techniques include proper money management, use of different factors, value betting, emotion management, and correct selection of opportunities to avoid unnecessary money loss.