Bamboo: Substitute for Plastic in Everyday Objects

This tall, woody and resistant cane-shaped tropical plant is ideal to replace plastic in all the objects we use every day.

There are products that can be replaced by others to lead a more environmentally friendly life. It is part of the process of rethinking what we are doing with our consumption and what we want to use, reuse, reuse and recycle. Bamboo, a multipurpose crop, is a good replacement for plastic for many of the commonly purchased objects and products such as Toilet Paper, Wood glasses, boxes, and many other products like these you can get from Boonboo.

Bamboo Objects

For personal hygiene, the plastic toothbrush can be substituted for a bamboo one. A plastic brush takes more than 500 years to degrade, whereas a bamboo brush takes 180 years. They are 5 kilos less of plastic consumed and discarded.

Other objects that are part of the toilet, and can be replaced by a bamboo one is brushes and combs for hair. These products are not only made of bamboo, but so are the bristles and tips, which makes them 100% ecological and in same case Boonboo toilet paper offers you the best opportunity to buy from us.

As bamboo is a fast-growing plant, which is one of the most widely used renewable materials today, it was thought to make swabs from this material. Thus, the plastic toothpick was replaced by a bamboo one. Another benefit is the wood that eliminates static electricity, controlling frizz and achieving a smoother finish.

As for the gastronomic field, we also find bamboo there. You can find kitchen utensils to prepare or eat food, there are also tables, plates, compoteras, bowls and even bamboo clipboards. Be careful not to use them in the microwave or dishwasher, as they are not suitable.

Although bulbs are prohibited, bamboo bulbs are less harmful and can also be found on the market. They are better than plastic ones and can be substituted when going camping or eating away from home, such as at the office, or for the children’s lunch at school.

If we think of makeup, bamboo is also present in that area. We can source from bamboo cases, wraps and packaging. Those who choose organic and natural makeup come across product brands that use it to offer creams, foundations and more.

With regard to cleaning, we already know that not so many products are necessary to clean our home. The drive to consume and the marketing made us believe that a different product is needed to clean the different parts of the house. This is not the case, and having vinegar and baking soda to degrease and clean is enough.

The bamboo, in this case, we choose it to use brushes instead of sponges, and rags, since they are biodegradable and compostable. These brushes are ideal for scrubbing bathrooms, tiles, and dishes. It is important to let them dry after use, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and they must be boiled from time to time to eliminate germs.

The choice is up to us: Plastic or bamboo. The green option is truly biodegradable and environmentally friendly. In many places, businesses and virtual stores all these bamboo objects are easily found, which can be great substitutes when thinking about helping the environment.