Badminton Tournament 2019 Chinese Taipei Open – Game of Skill and Speed

21st century is century of games and sports. Sports and games are treated as a means of leisure and escape from the hectic lives. Playing a small game of badminton for 30 minutes can improve mental and physical fitness. Taking up a career in sports is considered to be a blessing instead of a curse in the modern age. Number of sports and games are played in every street and playground.

Though cricket and football have earned international stature are loved by all, yetbadminton is another sport which is being taken up by many national and international players. It has become popular in many countries. Spectators in millions reach the stadium to watch their favorite players play. Badminton is not a new sport. People have been playing since 19th century. It can be played in a lawn or an open ground or indoor court for professional games. It requires atleast two players on each side with a net between them. Badminton is played in sets of three. First player to make 21 points win the particular set. However, being a badminton player is not an easy job. It requires years of practice, endurance and skills.  A single match of badminton lasts for about 45 minutes depending upon the number of sets. Therefore, a player must have patience and stamina to face their opponents.

Player must be aware of various strategies and strokes in order to beat their opponent. Like chess, Anticipating opponent’s next move proves to be a plus point. In order to play various strokes, player must be physical and mentally fit. Precise eye-hand coordination is the most important skill every elite player must possess.Players like PV Sindhu, SainaNehwal, SaiPraneeth, HS Prannoy and many more have represented India in various international tournaments and slowly achieving top positions in the badminton fraternity. Their journey to the top is like a life lesson for masses.

Apart from cricket which is loved by one and all. Badminton has also started creating its place in people’s hearts. People keep themselves updated of the latest championships and tournaments being played across the globe. So, here is some latest badminton news from the Chinese Taipei Open tournament 2019 whose official sponsor was YONEX for the lovers of this game:

YONEX Chinese Taipei Open tournament was held at Taipei Arena in Taipei City, Taiwan from date 3 to 8 September 2019. The prize money was $500,000.

Day 1 September 3:

Lin Chun Yi of Chinese Taipei won against Su li Yang with score point of 18-21, 21-17 and 21-17.

RiyaMookerjeee from India had a tough match against Cheung Ying Mei from People’s Republic of china but proved to be better by winning with score point of 9-21, 21-16 and 23-21

Day 2 September 4:

Women’s doubles pair of AparnaBalan and PrajaktaSawant from India tried their best but were seeded out by sixth seeds players Chow Mei Kuan and Lee Meng Yean of Malaysia. The Indian duo gave a tough fight but could not beat the team work of their opponents.After winning on day 1, RiyaMookerjee could not maintain her winning streak as she lost in her second match against SupanidaKatethong by 21-19, 11-21, 13-21.National champion of 2016 SourabhVerma from India proved his grit against Japan’s Kazumasa Sakai by defeating him in his first match of the tournament. Score of 22-20, 21-13 by Sourabh was commendable. The way he beat his opponent gave a clear indication that he meant business.

Chou Tien-chen clinched his first victory by defeating SuppanyuAvihingsanon 21-23, 21-16, 16-11 by a huge margin.

Day 3 September 5:

SourabhVerma after winning his first match could not keep up with current world no. 2 shuttler Chou Tien-chen and suffered disappointed loss in both the sets. With a score of 12-21, 10-21 Sourabh crumbled against his opponent. After losing the first set, he tried his best to make a comeback but could not keep up and was seeded out of the tournament.

Sung Ji-hyun, South Korean shuttler, won against Ayumi Mine in nail-biting match with a score of 19-21, 21-15, 21-12. Former did not lose hope and made a comeback with full confidence.

Goh V Shem and Ton Wee Kiong won against Danny BawaChrisnata and Loh Kean Hean in double match.

Day 4 September 6:

Tang Chun Man and Tse Ying Suet from Hong Kong won their match against equally competitive Tontowi Ahmad and WinnyOktavinaKandow. Winning the first set, former doubles team lost their second on accounts of certain errors. Keeping their calm, they won the third set and ousted the later. Score point was 21-13, 17-21, 21-10.

Match between Sung Ji-hyun and GregoriaMariskaTunjung from Indonesia proved to be a close call for Sung but was able to defeat her opponent with score point of 7-21, 21-13, 21-19. Gregoria won with a huge margin in the first set and earned an upper hand against her opponent but Sung proved to be than the later and qualifying for the semifinals.Chou Tien-chen also defeated his opponent made his way to the semifinals.

Day 5 September 7:

JongkolphanKititharakul and RawindaPrajongjai, Thai badminton players, won their semifinal match against GreysiaPolii and ApriyaniRahayu. Proving themselves capable, the Thai players were only one step away from winning the tournament and making their country proud.Worthy of his name, Chou Tien-chen won against ShesarHirenRhustavito by a huge margin. There was no stopping the former who maintained his ground even after losing in the first set.

Day 6 September 8:

Chou Tien-chen wore the crown of winner by defeating his South Korean opponent HeoKwangHee in a straight game which lasted only for 37 minutes. Continuing with his winning spree, he was able to clinch the title of men’s single for the third time. It was proud moment for him and his country.On the other hand, South Korean shuttler Sung Ji-hyun won the women’s single match and defeated her Canadian opponent by 21-11, 21-9. Accurate deliveries and zero mistakes helped her win the finals.Cut-throat match between JongkolphanKititharakul/RawindaPrajongjai and Kim So Yeong / Kong Hee Yong came to an end with the former taking away the title of women’s double.

Badminton being one of the hardest and fastest growing sports requires someone with skill, strength and agility. It takes years of practice to call oneself a professional player.