The Potential of Public Relations

You do not need a degree in marketing or a fully-staffed department to take advantage of good PR or public relations. A lot of these things that you can do to upgrade or boost the image of your organization or company are as simple as calling your local newspaper or showing up at a community […]

Advise On Documenting Your Wedding Through Photographs

Yes, it sounds weird to hire a professional photographer for documentary wedding photography, when there is a huge spectrum of mobile cameras to record videos as well as take HD quality pictures. However, one should know that there is a massive difference between an amateur using mobile phone cameras and a professional using industry certified […]

What Are SIP Trunks?

With the upgrades on many phone systems occurring, one new term that has started to be used more frequently is SIP trunks. In this article we will dive into not only what SIP trunks are, but how they benefit your business and interact with one of the most commonly utilised phone systems (the pbx system). […]

Choosing a Reliable Granny Flat Builder

Granny flats were once considered as an annex which you would build on your home to enable an elderly relative to move in and be close to their family. Whilst this still happens, granny flats are now more widely considered as small, one or two person abodes which have become popular amongst all age groups. […]

5 Tips When Selling Your House

There are a variety of reasons for selling your home, perhaps you are upsizing to accommodate a new arrival, maybe you are downsizing to save some money, or you are simply moving overseas. Whatever the reason is for selling your home, it is important that you make use of the range of available tricks and […]