At Home Treatments for Varicose Veins

If you have ever experienced the pain and discomfort associated with vein insufficiency, you aren’t alone. As one of the leading health clinics for varicose vein treatments in Miami, Abella Health helped thousands of patients reduce symptoms and improve their quality of like.

However, this doesn’t always include coming in for a procedure at our clinic. There are a variety of different options to try on your own that can help reduce discomfort and improve symptoms. Here are three different methods for treating varicose veins at home.

Exercise for Improved Vascular Health

One of the easiest ways to reduce varicose vein symptoms is through exercise.

Low-impact exercise including swimming, walking, cycling, yoga, and Pilates are all ideal for keeping the calf muscles working without straining the rest of your body.

Even a quick jog on the beach a few times per week keeps your body moving enough to see an improvement!

Wear Compression Stockings

While they aren’t the most fashionable choice, compression stockings are readily available at your local pharmacy and also help relieve pain associated with varicose veins.

Our patients report that doing so a few times a week for several hours can dramatically reduce symptoms.

Enjoy a Massage

Massage therapy is proven to help increase blood floor and reduce the symptoms associated with varicose veins.

This helps move the blood through the veins without having to apply excess pressure. Just be sure to not press on the veins directly, which could cause further damage.

Of course, treating varicose veins at home isn’t always the best solution. It is sometimes necessary to seek out additional treatment from a certified professional.