Introduction: There are many cases when we hear that there are problems in finding a suitable match or broken engagements or even delay marriages. Most people feel hopeless and do not deserve love or companionship. However, it is important to remember that keeping faith and hope is the first step towards achieving anything. Also, there are many ways in which people can deal with delays in marriage.

Ways people resort to avoid delay in marriage:

  • Circulating biodata of the prospective bride/groom.
  • Informing family and friends that you are looking to get married.
  • Notifying the community that one is looking for a suitable match.
  • Signing yourself up at matrimonial sites.
  • Venturing out on dates.
  • Use dating apps to find a good match and partner who could potentially become your life-long partner.

These are some of the most-used ways that people resort to while looking for a suitable match but what to do if it is already delayed and none of the above-mentioned ways is working? This is when Astrology comes into play.

Astrology is based on the science that the exact positions of the planets and stars at the time of birth of an individual set the tone for the entire life and hold the potential to affect every aspect of it, be it a career, studies, going abroad, relationships and even marriages. However, there are still some people who dismiss this age-old science as mere superstition as they fail to understand the logic and reason behind it. It is in these times of despair and hopelessness that they resort to this ancient science and look up to it for remedies and tips.

Before we dive into tips and remedies, it is important to understand what causes the delay in marriage according to live astrology. Marriage is an important landmark in life and until a few years ago was given its due importance but now it is not the same case. People have started to look at marriage as something that will entangle them in matrimony and make them sacrifice other things. Some people also like to focus more on their career nowadays and while doing that the right time for them to get married gets lost and they face problems in the future.

If you talk to astrologer, they will tell you that the most important planet for marriage for females is Jupiter and in the case of males, it is Venus. It is also believed that Saturn is the planet that is responsible for causing a delay in marriage.

Reasons for delay in marriage:

  • The seventh house is considered the House of Marriage. If the presence of the Sun is indicated in the 7th house, it can cause a delay in marriage.
  • If Saturn is present in the 7th house, it will cause a delay in marriage.
  • Venus is considered the planet of love and relationships. Venus’s energy can be depleted if it is combined with malefic planets such as Sun or Saturn, it can ruin marriage prospects.
  • If Jupiter is malefic, it can create problems in matrimonial life. Jupiter is considered the planet of love, relationships and also kids, etc.

Astrological tips to prevent delay in marriage

Here are some tips that according to live astrology can be instrumental in avoiding delay in marriage.

  • In the case of a girl, she should fast on 16 consecutive Mondays and dress up like goddess Parvati and pray to Lord Shiva and Parvati for marriage.
  • Another tip is reciting the Gauri Shanker Mantra.
  • To avoid delay in marriage, girls should feed green grass or spinach to cows regularly.
  • Some believe that reciting Chaupai of Tulsidas 108 times can also prove to help avoid the delay.
  • Keep the root of the banana tree wrapped in a yellow cloth that you picked from an auspicious event or Mahurat. You can worship it every day and send it strong and positive vibrations.
  • In case of delay of marriage, a girl should consider wearing a Shivlinga locket made from Amber gemstone. It is believed that she will soon meet a person that she likes.
  • The ones suffering from Rahu Dosha should worship goddess Durga and avoid/prevent delay in marriage.
  • Doing good deeds such as helping the poor with their finances when they are getting married or helping normally can avoid delay in your marriage.
  • To get rid of any obstacles in marriage, one can perform the Thulasi marriage.
  • It is also believed that there are temples across the country where if one worships with offering and pure devotion and intention, it can help with marriage issues.


It is in these hard times that people place their belief in astrology and consult astrologers. When people are hopeless and struck with despair, they are willing to try anything and everything. Astrology causes no harm and it has been known to work for many people.