Are Google Ads worth spending money?

Everyone must ask this question to himself in order to better understand the strategy of Google and to make a better plan for themselves. Google is the biggest search engine and more than two billion searches are made on Google every day. Google is the place where people are really looking for actual things. A higher position in Google search results is really helpful as it can increase the number of visitors to the site. Google has a high CTR and the ads on the first page of Google usually get public attention because of their higher ranking. Thus, paying a little money to get your site in the first position is a good choice. Think of it as a little investment. You can make much more than the money spent on ads and it is possible only through the use of the right ads strategy and the use of proper landing page. A landing page plays a great role. You can get the site to rank easily but you have to do real hard work on the landing page. A landing page is the deciding page that whether the user buys on your website or not.

Some reasons that you are not getting the desired results:

  • Improper keywords can be the reason of not working of your ads. The ads must have unique and researched keywords.
  • A low quality score can get your ad down. This is the reason that planning is really important before getting the ad on the web.
  • Always spend good time designing and writing content for your landing page. Keep in mind that most of the purchases will flow from the landing page if the rest of the strategy is perfect.
  • If nothing is working for you, you can hire online marketing services [รับ ทํา การ ตลาด ออนไลน์ which is the term in thai] to make better ads for you.