An Overview of Solventless Vape Pens

Cannabis has become a growing movement in the light of legalization in many states across the country. California is one of them. Like other products, there are multiple ways to enjoy cannabis and its benefits. Researchers have mentioned that some of the benefits of cannabis may include pain relief, anxiety management, seizure control, and overall stress reduction. One of the most popular methods of cannabis ingestion involves the use of a beat. At the same time, capes can come in many different shapes and forms. One of the types of vapes that has risen in popularity recently is called a solventless vape pen. There are a number of benefits of this that people should keep in mind.

What is a Solvent?

When cannabis products are produced, the extraction process often uses something called a solvent. A solvent is a substance that is used to make the extraction process a little bit more efficient. Sometimes, the extraction process can take too long. In other instances, the extraction process itself can be a challenge. A solvent is often used to make this process easier or to speed it up. On the other hand, the use of a solvent can also contaminate the cannabis product itself. If a solvent is used, depending on the type of solvent, it can impact the effect of the cannabis product on the user. In some cases, solvents can be downright dangerous. Therefore, the use of solvent free vape pens has become popular.

Solventless Marijuana Products

When a product is described as being free from solvents, they are made without any hydrocarbons. Sometimes, butane is used in the extraction process, one of the most important solvents. At the same time, this can impact the quality of the product. Without solvents, the cannabis product is pure. Any trace of solvent residue has been removed. The benefits of performing a solvent free extraction is that it is far safer. Furthermore, these extracts boast a much higher purity, improved quality, but also require more skill and patience. Because of the purity of these products, solvent free products are becoming extremely popular in the cannabis community. One of these involves solvent free vape pens.

Lowell Farms Provides Solventless Vape Pens

Those who are looking for a way to consume cannabis without using a solvent should check out the solvent free vape pens. These plans have been made with live Rozen in an artisan all manner. Using pure, cold pressed cannabis oil leads to the preservation of the terpene and cannabinoid profile that everyone enjoys in this experience. Without any solvent, this is as close to smoking a pure flour as anyone can get using a pen. For this reason, these products have already started to fly off the shelves and have received glowing reviews.

Organic Cannabis from Lowell Farms

These exceptional pens are only the latest in a long line of products to come from Lowell Farms. The wall farms girls high-quality, organic, and natural marijuana without requiring any pesticides. Using this organic product, Lowell Farms also offers a wide variety of cannabis products that locator to almost anyone. Lowell Farms is also incredibly loyal to its customers, recently opening up the first cannabis restaurant in the United States, called Lowell CafĂ©. This restaurant features dishes that have been created by a celebrity chef to enhance the effects of cannabis and its overall enjoyment. Combined with the solventless vape pen, the dishes at this restaurant are sure to take everyone’s cannabis experience to new heights, leading to further growth of the cannabis culture as a whole.