An Inside Look at Restoring a Jaguar XKE and Jaguar XKE Radiators

The Jaguar XKE is a masterpiece of car production and makes a beautiful project for a budding car restorer. So if you’re interested in this process, you need to fully understand why the XKE is so fun and what you might have to end up fixing. And make sure to invest in high-quality parts that will fit your vehicle smoothly, such as new seats or Jaguar XKE radiators, that will keep your muscle car in perfect condition.

The XKE is a Part of History

When the Jaguar XKE debuted, car fans were stunned by its sleek lines, its powerful engine, and its incredible performance. The Jaguar XKE quickly became synonymous with a style, grace, and raw power that the muscle car scene loved. And when bands started singing about drag racing with their XKE, the legend of this vehicle spread even further.

Surfers, young teens, and wrench heads alike loved the XKE and tore up roads with it for decades. When it was discontinued in the late 1960s, many fans lamented its absence. Thankfully, many people held on to their XKE for years and kept them in perfect shape. Other XKE models, unfortunately, didn’t retain their strength and capability.

As someone interested in restoration, though, you can take a potentially rusted or worn-down XKE and bring it back to life again. When you’ve fixed up this incredible vehicle and its ready to go, you’re going to feel like a magician. However, you need to understand what kind of upgrades are necessary for this process.

Upgrades to Consider

Once you find an old Jaguar XKE to restore, you need to make sure that you repair it in ways that make logical sense for the vehicle. For example, you should try to keep as much of the still-operating parts as possible. Swapping them out can ruin the authenticity. However, you still are likely to need to change quite a few elements of the vehicle. Just a few parts to consider include:

  • New Jaguar XKE radiators to avoid overheating
  • Upgraded tires to prevent blowouts
  • New metal for the exterior
  • Better paint that emulates the classic style
  • Enhanced engine to stay competitive with more modern vehicles
  • Fun new radio that mimics the traditional AM/FM look of the times

When upgrading your XKE, try to find parts that are as close to the original as possible. Restoration with newer and modern parts may help your car run more smoothly but aren’t quite as “pure” as older parts. This search may take up a lot of time and money, but once you’ve got that baby purring on the open freeway, you’ll feel like a 1960s road warrior in the 21st century.