Advantages of Vertical Carousel Storage System

Choosing Accuracy: With the execution of software application and a choice to light, the accuracy of choosing nears 100%. This modern technology additionally relates to putting the item away, thus eliminating the shed inventory. As we have discovered in several applications, this can decrease expenses associated with miss out on picking parts, inventory search time shed, and supply precision.

Space Savings: The vertical carousel storage system is an automatic storage system that stores stock vertically making use of the complete elevation of the facility. The VLM will make the most of unused space in your facility while reducing the footprint of the existing storage system. Depending on the product as well as the type and application of the present storage system, it is not unlikely to experience a decrease in storage space as high as 500 to 700%.

Supply Control: The vertical carousel innovation will normally track the deals made in the system that will ensure supply precision. Along with software program that can be integrated with the client’s host systems as well as select to light technology can approach nearly 100% accuracy in supply.

Performance: The vertical carousel will instantly bring components to the picker. This can be even more boosted with software program and choose to light technologies. With the correct assimilation with the systems, a service can be given that could conveniently lower the process of saving as well as picking an item by as high as 500% to 1000%.

Item Security: The vertical carousel accessibility can be restricted to authorized personnel, thus stopping obtained or swiped stock. Furthermore, every transaction is videotaped as well as can be assigned job number or order number with the operator that carried out the purchase for traceability.

Comfort designs: The vertical carousel will offer storage or picking opportunity at an ergonomic elevation every time. This will remove the requirement to bend or reach for an item that can lead to injury or damage to the item. There is no demand for ladders or lift devices to access parts. The overall advantage is a much safer operation as well as much less expense.