February 8, 2023

Similar to indirect sampling, this technique provides sample products to your customers so they can get certified at home as part of the product sampling program. This approach would entail the utilization of a promotional display and ensuring the salesperson clarifies how each customer must use the product during dry sampling.

It suggested that when using dry sampling, you had to shut yourself off or separate from the procedure altogether. There is a way to communicate personally. For example, as part of the product sampling program, you may display a sample product in-store and give as much information about it as possible. Then you can provide samples that customers can take home with them.

You might not enjoy this process, but you can also think about wet sampling. It is a leading instance of the direct sampling technique.

You present merchandise to customers in the store following this approach. Under the product sampling program, a knowing sample is preferable.


The logistical cost of marketing and distributing product samples exceeds the amount earned from actual sales. Partnering with us helps brands be more efficient with launching a new company or product and distributing products with low shell-life approaching expiry.

Facts about dry sampling:

Despite the modest differences between the two sampling techniques, it is always possible to combine them. For instance, dry sampling allows you to let customers taste a product and provide them with little samples to try at home.

There are a few other advantages. A dry sample has the significant benefit of allowing you to absorb with a buyer who is already interested while maintaining minimal costs.

It is simpler to increase brand awareness by providing in-store product samples than by using an indirect sampling strategy under the product sampling program.

Customers can evaluate products using the dry sampling strategy at home. But a stall is required to accomplish this. Additionally, a salesperson must be present so they may demonstrate how to use the product.

It establishes a tangible link with the customer. A salesperson could, for instance, describe a gift or giveaway in the business and then invite the customer to take it home as part of the product sampling program.

Types of dry sampling:

Using the dry sample in events

With this approach, gifts are distributed through a specific event. Under dry sampling, the success of an event-based sampling effort depends on how significant the event is. However, dealing with a crash event is only seldom viable.

Success is assured if you can handle it and participate in the product sampling program by giving away free examples of a product that customers are engaged in.

However, because it entails a relationship between brand and free sample results under dry sampling, the cost of putting this method into practice is high.

Retail store dry sampling

In this type of sampling, your chances of making sales and expanding your company through the product sampling program are better the more people interact with the product. The entire expense is minimal.

Your sampling program is being set up.

Calculate the ideal customers:

It would help if you found out more about your customers before sending samples or packing your product into foil bags.

Instead of randomly delivering samples as part of the product sampling program, there are more efficient alternatives to selling your product. You can save money if you place your frameworks in the appropriate locations.

Select the appropriate amounts:

The correct quantity of sample packs is the one that enables you to sample your product in as many potential customer residences as you can within your financial constraints. Making fewer samples can cost you more money than the advertising it generates.

Make a powerful layout:

Your sample pouches’ design will provide all the information clients require about your goods. Make sure your strategy incorporates components of the retail-sized version of your product to promote brand recognition during dry sampling.

Customers may require assistance purchasing what you want them to if your design is sufficiently similar to what they find in stores. To ensure an appealing and valuable appearance is employed on the samples under the product sampling program, consult a designer in advance.


Samples are mailed without restriction. In a dry sampling scenario, our sample packs can also be helpful in a physical marketing setting. According to some studies, men are more suitable than women to use items they receive in person.

Under the terms of the product sampling program, this robust foil wrapping can be attached to sales sheets or other types of literature and distributed to prospective clients. Frequently, free samples are handed out from stalls or tables within a business or during marketing events like tradeshows.

These are fantastic strategies for interacting with clients directly and providing them with valuable takeaways.

Attracting traffic to a website

In the current era of technology and connectivity, the internet is a novel and efficient means of advertising goods and services. In the USPS survey, 84% of participants stated they might sign up for samples on a portal if they received a letter directing them there.