Many millennia ago, the notion of interior design and style was not too much of a priority for the average individual. People had living spaces and they designed them however they wished. Only the upper class and aristocrats practice designing beautiful spaces. But over the last few centuries, the rise of interior design professionals made the practice available to the wider public. Prospective new homeowners can select materials and furniture such as a marble table or stone tile in Singapore to decorate their homes.

The interior design stems from the desire to create beautiful yet functional spaces. Interior spaces can come in many forms and styles– there are dozens, if not hundreds, of interior design styles that your home can follow. Interior design styles can highlight a homeowner’s personality, preferences, culture, and much more. Picking out a crucial part of the renovation and construction process.

Interior design has morphed into a profession with specific guidelines and principles for each style. The work of an interior designer helps homeowners figure out if their design preferences match the style they want to emulate. Interior designers guide them through the process and suggest ways to improve the overall look of their home.

Going for a minimalist interior design style

Each interior design style follows unique guidelines to emulate a certain appearance and feel for their interiors. With the vast number of styles to choose from, interior design is an art form like any other. For example, one can explore a contemporary and modern interior design style, much like any other art form. Several elements, from soft cushioning to solid wood furniture in Singapore, can come together to create a cohesive unit.

If you are a homeowner currently undergoing renovation or construction of a new home, you probably wonder what interior design style to follow for your home. An interior design professional will be able to help you figure out the specifics of your home design, but the process will go much faster if you know what interior design style to go for. If you want something that appeals to many people, is highly functional, and thoughtfully designed, go for something minimalist.

Many homeowners currently prefer more minimalist designs for both personal and commercial spaces. The style of design is easy on the eyes and relatively more affordable to create. Best of all, it is an elegant and classic design that does not go out of style.

Some critics might say that minimalist styles look boring. Others may contend that the use of minimalism can make spaces bare or sterile, like a hospital room. But if you have a competent interior designer, interiors with fewer elements can still look cosy. Take the Scandinavian style, for example. Choosing Scandinavian furniture for your Singapore home brings a bit of colour and warmth to rooms and other interiors.

What is Scandinavian interior design?

While minimalist interiors already look beautiful, Scandinavian interior design takes it a step further. The style is perfect for those who want a warm feel without compromising its modern look. Scandinavian interior design is a minimalist design type originating in the Scandinavian region. Since woodland and greenery are sparse in the Northern European region, especially during the long, frigid winters, a warm and comfortable-looking home interior is cherished. The interior design style that arose from these preferences has captivated many people around the world.

The Scandinavian interior design style uses soft hues for its walls, ranging from creamy whites, beige and more. The style focuses on natural textures like wood or stone and prefers natural and neutral tones like grey. For example, solid wood furniture and green houseplants are great additions to a Scandinavian home interior. The style boasts cleanliness and softness over hard edges, clean lines, and simple yet functional furnishings and accessories.

While Scandinavian interior design is a subset of the minimalist style, t several noteworthy differences set it apart from other minimalist styles. The reason for this is the materials you might use for either design and the type of aesthetic you aim to achieve. Many minimalist styles might use chrome, metal, or other materials that give off a “cooler” feel, while Scandinavian interior design values wood and other organic materials that create a warmer and more homely feel.

How to achieve the Scandinavian interior design look for your interiors




If you are interested in the interior design style, your first step in creating your new home interiors is to hire a competent interior designer who knows the interior design style well. Here are a few simple tips for creating a Scandinavian-inspired interior.

1) Reduce the number of elements in your interior. The goal of the interior design style is to create a cosy yet neat space in your house. Too many elements can make your home feel more cramped and ruins the simple yet neutral look you want to go for. Only put the elements you need in your interior space and add flourishes where you see fit.

2) Choose furniture pieces with natural textures or materials. For example, a nice marble table might help bring your room together, as well as wooden chairs and other furniture. Try to avoid too much metal, plastic, and other artificial materials unless they emulate a natural material.

3) Allow some greenery into your home. There are no other elements that say “homey” or “natural” more than some houseplants in your home. If you want to achieve that Scandinavian interior, you should consider putting greenery to bring the whole house together? They help bring a little life into your environment, both figuratively and literally.

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