A budget trip from Chandigarh to Delhi

When my friends first told me about the Delhi trip, I right away started calculating the entire expense in my mind. I would back out because I thought it would be a costly affair. But guess what? Having a group of friends who are as broke as you come in handy. We sat together and figured out an entire budget trip from Chandigarh to Delhi for a week. We booked a licensed cab in Chandigarh to take us to Delhi. I have never been anywhere outside Chandigarh, so when the chance came, I just could not let it go. I have always heard a lot of great things about Delhi from everyone around me, but this time, I was about to see it for myself.

The cheapest car ride to Delhi

As Chandigarh is not that far away from Delhi, we decided to book a reliable taxi service from Chandigarh to Delhi airport. I booked a known taxi service, as I was going with my friends. We were a group of four people and coasted us near about 2,500 for our one-way trip. This plan was highly cost-effective for my friends and me as it took us only 500 rupees to reach Delhi. For me, it was an epic experience with all the songs, scenery, and not to forget stopping by the roadside Dhaba. The car was fully air-conditioned, so we had a comfortable journey. We booked for a two-way trip, and it cost us only 3,500 rupees. The best thing about the taxi service is that it saved us a tremendous amount of money which would have been otherwise spent on flight tickets.

My stay in Delhi

Since I had a relative who was already staying in Delhi, I called him up to take suggestions on where can I stay in Delhi. He suggested a few places such as Paharganj, Karol Bagh, Connaught Place, and South Delhi. I did not make prior reservations as I wanted to check the hotel rooms on my own. But, I canceled South Delhi right away because everybody knows how posh the area is and my friends and I do not have that much money to spend behind the accommodation. My friends and I stayed at Karol Bagh, like most of the other tourists. Karol Bagh is the most affordable place. We got a room for 700 rupees per night. It was air-conditioned, extremely clean, and tidy. Karol Bagh is close to the metro station. It also has a local market and a Hanuman temple nearby. The hotels here are cheap, but this place attracts various types of people. I did not feel that safe walking with my friends at midnight. This place is not a safe space for women, as well. However, I did notice one thing that the areas where the high-end hotels are there; they are more reliable than the cheaper ones.

The refreshing Splash Water Park

With the famous Delhi summer, my friends and I could not wait to go to a water park since we set foot in Delhi. We went to Splash Water Park, which is spread over an area of five acres. It offers some exhilarating and unique rides like Multilane Slide, WaterFall, Swimming Pool, Wave Pool, Mushroom Fall, Buddha Water Fall, and more. One of my friends has hydrophobia, but it did not stop him from having fun with us as the water park is filled with lifeguards. Anything happens, and they would come running or swimming. My favorite ride was the pendulum ride. It was the longest and the best water slide in the park.

Sightseeing places in Delhi

Delhi has various sightseeing places. I made a list beforehand to make the trip a bit methodical. Since we spent the first day behind accommodation and getting to know about the site the second day, we went to Old Delhi first. For me, Delhi is nothing without it’s Taj Mahal, Jameh Masjid, winding lanes, and the historic heart. We took a walking tour of the Red Fort, Mosque, the Spice Market, and Chandni Chowk. We also went to the Shiv Mishthan Bhandar to have their famous bedmi puri, chholey-aalu, lassi, and jalebi. Their jalebis are the best ones I had to date.

Delhi is a buzzing metropolitan, which is a mixture of adventure, tradition, and modernity. It is home to a various vibrant food culture that leaves all its travelers satiated with a splendid number of experiences and memories to recall. From cool water park and cycling trails to fascinating museums and art galleries, Delhi offers a wide range of activities that kept me indulged.