A 100-pound Smartphone Can Work Well

The focus of the smart phone market is shifting from the low-end market to the high-end market. Pursuing brand premium has become a common demand of mobile phone manufacturers.

The market for mass consumers will not be submerged by the high-end mobile phone market. The functions once available to high-end phones will gradually be popularized to more mobile phones. The hardware and technology that the previous generation of flagship machine could only have appeared on the 100-pound mobile phone. Everyone can buy it.

HONOR released the first 100-pound machine with pearl full screen-HONOR 8A on January 8, 2019 at a price of £119.99. Let’s take a look at the actual use experience of this HONOR 8A.

The HONOR 8A is equipped with a flagship pearl full screen of 6.09 inches. All three sides are designed with narrow borders. This design can make the screen account for up to 87%.

The top border of the screen is only 0.32 cm. It integrates the earpiece, the low-beam sensor and other components.

This design can make the bang area smaller and the whole machine more integrated.

The latest operating system of EMUI 9 based on Android 9 replaces the traditional physical keys and virtual keys with new gesture functions. This leaves more space for the screen. It makes more content available for display. Like all bangs on the market, HONOR 8A can also choose to hide bang.

The screen of this smart phone has Germany’s Rhine TUV certified eye protection screen. It can effectively inhibit harmful blue light in the screen light and reduce eye damage caused by long-term use of the phone.

Body design is a bonus for this smart phone. It uses the classic double-piece body design. Light and dumb make the whole look double-textured.

Double texture design usually appears on cameras. This smart phone uses a double-piece artistic body design. It makes classics and romance interweave.

The LOGO is printed on the narrow frame at the bottom of the screen. The back of the whole body looks clean. Apart from a 13-megapixel main camera and a flash, there is only one HONOR sign and nothing extra. This smartphone is matched with facial recognition unlocking.

It uses HONOR’s classic 2 +1 independent three-card slot design. Two Nano SIM cards and one memory card can be inserted at the same time. It supports dual VoLTE HD calls. It supports up to 512 GB Micro SD card expansion.

Many mobile phones have shrunk to a certain extent in other aspects while improving their performance as much as possible. However, this phenomenon did not appear in HONOR 8A. On the contrary, HONOR 8A has further upgraded the existing functions.

HONOR 8A upgraded the previously well-received high-volume playback on HONOR 7A again. Independent high-power SmartPA power amplifier is adopted. Compared with the previous generation, the loudness has increased by as much as 30%, bringing more shocking external effect.

With the super-linear core and HONOR black technology voice coil diaphragm suspension structure technology, this smart phone has good sound quality of medium pitch and bass. The loud volume is not only the volume has become louder, but also the sound quality has become better.

The HONOR 8A also supports the wireless FM radio function. Compared with other mobile phones, HONOR 8A can use wireless FM radio without plugging in headphones. The use experience is better.

This is a rare function for parents who have retired at home or like to stroll in the park after work but do not like to wear headphones.

Friends who like this smart phone can choose to use it or give it to their parents. Pay attention to more HONOR mobile phones and browse at HONOR store.