9 Things your pawnshop will reject

Pawn shops are expected to buy almost anything. Not quite  except for the well- known, popular items like gold and gold jewelry, electronics and power tools, there are items that  Pawnbrokers are more likely to reject. This is a list of things you shouldn’t take to a pawn shop.

  1. Illegal stuff

Contrary to popular belief, Pawnshops are not the purveyors of illegal things. Do not imagine that you can sell illegal contraband to a Pawnbroker. If he doesn’t turn you away he most certainly will call the police on you.

  1. Stolen goods

Like the first item, this one is very obvious. Whilst, Pawnbrokers take as many precautions as they can to make sure that they are dealing with legit people who bring legit merchandise, there is still less than a tenth of one percent or pawned items that might be stolen goods. There are regulations that pawn brokers are required to abide by and one of them is that they will not accept pawned items from people who cannot produce a valid government-issued ID.

  1. Box TVs

Like VCR machines, Box TVs are ancient. Flat screen TVs are only cheap but ubiquitous. When you have a flat TV to sell, it should work completely fine. You should not try selling a TV with mechanical issues that needs to be fixed.

  1. Mattresses

Secondhand mattresses are usually made of old material. They are less durable and have a short lifespan.

  1. Old Cellphones

Cellphones have evolved over the years. We’ve had those brick-like cellphones that were only big and heavy but came with manually retractable antennas and then Flip phones came along. Cellphones are upgraded at such speeds that they lose value pretty quickly.

  1. Cassette Players and cassette Tapes

Like VCR machines and VHS tapes, cassette players have become absolutely obsolete. The way we buy and listen to music has change a lot in the last few decades.

  1. Vacuum cleaning machines

Vacuum cleaners made by top brands like Dyson, Bissell, Shark and Hoover are always in demand. However, people have recently realized that whilst they might be effective in cleaning floors and other surfaces they can also introduce new germs and allergens.

  1. Footwear and clothing

Pawn shops are sometimes mistaken for thrift stores and people are always trying to sell their shoes, bags and clothes. There are shops that accept designer brand merchandise and things like fur coats and leather jackets.

  1. Baby Cribs

Baby cribs are always in demand, however, there are some safety issues with cribs that were made before June 2011. Pawn brokers are aware of these issues and may reject baby cribs that don’t meet safety regulations.

Some of the things on the list are pretty obvious but still, people have tried their luck to sell these only to be rejected.

The bottom line is that Pawnbrokers will accept anything they know they can sell quickly, for profit. If you cannot imagine why anyone would walk into a pawn shop and buy what you have to give as collateral then the chances are that the Pawnbroker won’t either.