9 Amazing Small Space Organization Hacks

Having a small apartment or loft isn’t such a terrible thing anymore. It might actually be classier and more stylish to have a smaller space to decorate with some small space organization hacks.

In fact, with the real estate market booming, many Millennials are actually taking on Tiny Living or living in tiny homes.

You might or might not be as ambitious as them. Maybe you have a small closet or room that you wish to decorate better. Either way, here are 9 small space organization hacks that will get to that end goal faster.

  • No More Floor Lamps

You might think that the space that one little floor lamp occupies wouldn’t matter that much. But when it comes to small spaces, every little square centimeter matters.

Think about using hanging lamps with intricate rope-like designs or more to save on floor space. With this, you will also feel like there’s more space to move around, rather than bumping against your floor lamp every two minutes.

  • Nesting Tables and Chairs Within One Another

The great thing about modern living is that there are so many companies out there building utilitarian but beautiful furniture items for tiny homes or spaces. One great idea is to use nesting tables, chairs, or furniture, to save on space.

This way you can have 3 tables for the space of 1, an incredible saving indeed. Whenever you don’t need the tables, you can slide them under one another. Voila! You are a tiny space magician.

  • A Bed That Doubles up as Storage Space

Thinking creatively is all about doubling up on items. All that space underneath your bed will be wasted if you don’t use it as storage space. Who needs more space that one needs to clean dust mites out of?

With the bed doubling up as storage space, you can shove extra bedding, winter clothes, and more in there and feel like a real home goddess.

  • Use All Empty Surfaces

It’s baffling why we end up ignoring the bottom of shelves, and tables, as a potential for storing things. If you have any shelves in your kitchen, drill some holes into the bottom of it, and hang coffee cups or mugs on there.

If you have some shelves hanging in your bedroom, use the bottom of it to hang jewelry and other dainty items—no need to waste any precious space.

  • Floating Shelves for the Win

Speaking of shelves, make them float. Like this article on instaloft.co.uk says, use floating shelves to avoid taking up too much space with traditional bookshelves.

In a tiny loft setting, every inch matters, and with floating shelves, you can display all your favorite books or those trinkets from your trip to Iceland without feeling weighed down by it. Small space organization hacks for the win!

With floating shelves, the space beneath your shelves becomes available for you to use for furniture, storage trunks, or more. It’s like bonus space.

  • More Mirrors Makes It Feel Like More Space

There is a reason why a lot of tiny bars are filled with wall to wall mirrors. They make space seem bigger, and this trick is something that can be used in your tiny home setting.

You don’t need to go wall-to-wall, but a mirror or two placed strategically can change everything! And if you have hanging space on that mirror, all the better. Kill two birds with one stone!

  • Sheer Shades Means More Light 

Get away from the idea of using heavy curtains or blinds. That won’t work in a tiny space or a loft setting. It would make the home darker and more claustrophobic.

The best way to deal with tiny spaces with windows is to ensure you use sheer shades that let in a lot of light and make the room seem bigger than it actually is.

If you don’t have a window in the room, then ensure that you have lots of lighting in the room so that all that artificial light will make the room seem more spacious.

  • Save Storage Space by Displaying Items Artistically

You would like to store all your kitchen or bathroom items in shelves and cabinets, but sometimes there isn’t enough space for that.

How about letting that interior designer in you come up with some creative ideas to display items without making your space look untidy?

One example would be displaying a beautiful artisan kettle on the stovetop instead of shoving it into a dark cupboard. It would make it feel like you live in a 19th-century castle rather than a small loft in Brooklyn.

  • Lucite Furniture Helps Small Spaces Big Time

Lucite is hot in the decorating arena, and for good reason. It isn’t the furniture from your grandmother’s time. It’s light, versatile, and see-through – which results in the illusion of more space.

You could have a lucite center table or lucite bar stools. They would all be transparent pieces, tricking your mind and eye into thinking there’s more space than there actually is.

It’s also easy on the wallet, doesn’t break or chip easily, and lasts a long time, all things which are necessary for a tiny homeowner.

With lucite furniture, you don’t have to worry about cutting your finger or hand on it and having to go to the ER in a hurry. Who needs that?

Small Space Organization Hacks Create a Cozy and Inviting Space

You might have chosen a tiny loft or space to live in, or you might have been forced to—either way, with the small space organization hacks above. Your space will remain as cozy and inviting as you need it to be.

You will want to spend oodles of time in your spacious little space, and this isn’t something you expect when thinking about small spaces.

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