September 25, 2023


You may be scouring Singapore for apartments you can rent, whether you are staying short- or long-term. Here are seven reasons you should also consider including a serviced apartment in your list.

#1 Book Flexible

Renting a short term service apartment in Singapore provides quick access to typical home amenities. You can also efficiently book a unit like hotels. However, there is no need to sign a long-term contract, unlike most apartment rentals on the island.

#2 Complete Equipment & Furnishing

Flats are typically fully-furnished and ready for immediate occupancy. Unlike most basic apartment for rent offers in Singapore, you pay them monthly and come unfurnished. You can go inside your apartment knowing that all amenities have been cleaned and are ready for use.

#3 Kitchen & Laundry Amenities

1 or 2 bedroom serviced apartment choices around Singapore have their kitchens, unlike hotels. There are also communal washing machines and dryers. However, many properties also provide a laundry service for extra convenience.

#4 Added Services

There are 1 or 2 bedroom serviced apartment options around Singapore that also provide regular housekeeping and linen provisions at no extra charge. Concierge services are available anytime you need them, and the entire property has around-the-clock security.

#5 Privacy & Space

Typical Singapore serviced apartments consist of a living area and a separate bedroom. It provides renters more privacy and space than hotel rooms.

#6 Cost-Effective

In general, serviced flats are less expensive than hotels. Longer stays are likely to result in reduced nightly rates. However, staying in a serviced apartment costs more than paying an apartment for rent in Singapore monthly.

#7 Premium Locations

Singapore serviced apartments are either in or near the city centre. It makes efficient travel to work or tourist destinations.

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