7 Essential Tips for Presentation Folder Printing

When thinking about folder printing one of the facts that you must bear in your mind is that they are a particularly uniform medium, this means that if you do not have a proper experience of working with presentation folders — standing apart from the crowd can actually be difficult. The first step to getting perfect and unique a4 or a5 presentation folders would be to first decide on what all you want to print, once you have outlined that — the next step would be to then go ahead with the printing — and to be honest even this simple step holds in it a huge potential for things to not go how you wanted them to go. Hence, to help you navigate the tricky world of former printing we have for your a few essential printing tips that can help you in getting the perfect presentation folder design for your business.

  1. One of the most cost-effective blends of ink, when your a4 presentation folders design is rather monotone, is the PMS ink. This holds especially true when you need to design a presentation folder that not only is a single tone but also needs to match the hue of your logo design — complete homogeneity can be ensured hence and there will be no variations in hues.
  1. When thinking about designing with multiple colours, the best ink to do your bidding would be the CMYK ink. The ink will actually grant you the entire spectrum to choose from as you palette — however, a word of caution would be regarding the colours orange and navy blue which honestly a little more difficult to recreate in CMYK ink for folder printing.
  1. Even though you might feel like pure black is the colour you want to go with when you are looking at the colour black in your design — this can actually not be further away from the truth. Though you may have the impulse to crank up the black to a hundred perfect and the rest of the colours down to a zero — the result will not be as richer and deeper for folder printing. In fact, you can follow the following formula to get that deep and rich black that helps you to highlight everything that you want to highlight. All you need to do is create a mix of Cyan that is at 60%, Magenta which is at 40% along with the same percentage of Yellow, the Black you can crack up to a 100% now and achieve the black that you have been looking for.
  1. When it comes to designing true blue shade, you may not realise it, but it is just as tricky as it was with the colour black. You might notice and learn the hard way that if not taken care of in the right manner when it comes to colour composition, the final product on your a5 presentation folders may end being purple instead of blue. The trick to making sure that you get a richer blue-er colour is that you need to set your Cyan at almost 30% higher than what your percentage id for Magenta. So let’s say if your Magenta is at 30% then the Cyan should be a 60% to give off that blue-hue.
  1. Sometimes going for a bolder palette can help in to set your design apart. Hence, the usage of metallic tons of fluorescent shade can really make your design pop out and stand apart from the rest of the crowd. One thing that you must keep in mind when using the reflective palette for folder printing, is that it is not possible to create the colours without the four colours process so your usual PMS ink cannot produce these hues.
  1. Another eye-catching method is to create layers into the design by methods like embossing or debasing. Creating shapes and giving them a texture that can be felt, would leave a more lasting impression on your potential client’s mind and it truly stands out because of all that drama!
  1. Typography too plays an important role when you are folder printing as you need to be legible. Going for fonts that may be too small can end up creating issues with readability Is something that you totally want to avoid, so legible fonts that send your message loud and clear should be your pick.

So there you have it, our 7 essential picks for folder printing that will make sure you nail the game!