7 Best Things to Do to Make your Grad Trip to Japan Extraordinary

Graduation trips with your classmates and friends is a once-in-a-lifetime event that allows you to make a last ‘hurrah’ before moving on to your careers and future choices in life. Prominent companies like Unleashed Grad Trips that specialize in making fun, exciting trips for friends and schoolmates, know very well that Japan should be considered a top destination for people who want to share the different experiences with their closest pals.

Japan introduces a different culture that makes your trip feel like it took place from a different dimension. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or a frequent visitor to the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. There is always something new to try. Below is a list of wonderful activities you can try with your pals as you set foot into the majestic and truly unique country of Japan:

  • Onsens

Onsens are public hot baths or hot springs that are popular in Japan. Friends and workmates would often visit it as part of their recreational trips to relax, bond, and have fun. Hot baths are great for the body because it detoxifies your system, and it also allows you to relieve your body off of stress and tension. Most onsens or hot springs come with accommodations where visitors can stay.

  • TeamLab Borderless 

There is a famous and distinct museum that breaks borders in Tokyo. It is called ‘TeamLab Borderless.’ It is designed to provide a riveting experience for visitors. The museum’s interior is dark and is filled with several colorful images and visual transitions.

  • Hike

It is no secret that Japan is filled with lush greenery and breathtaking mountain ridges. One of the most highly recommended hiking venues to visit include Mount Fuji, the Northern Alps in Kamikochi, the Nakasendo Trail, and Yukishima.

  • Cooking Class

Visiting local restaurants alone is boring. Why not exceed your experience by learning how to prepare some traditional dishes in Japanese cuisine instead? There are several cooking classes available to learn how to prepare and cook delectable food that represents Japan’s culture and lifestyle.

  • Explore Tokyo

Tokyo is bustling with activities, lights, and technological advancement that you have to check out with your friends. As Japan’s capital, it offers a multitude of sights to see and places to visit that allow you to gain first-hand experience of what the Japanese culture is like. The city offers Michelin-star restaurants, colorful and diverse markets, and you also get to see different fashion and aesthetics of the people living there.

  • Embark on a Spiritual Journey

From the Temples at Nikko to the Zen Buddhist Temples to Fushimi Inari’s Torii Gates, you will never fall short of shrines to check out in Japan. UNESCO has recognized several of these temples and shrines as World Heritage sites.

  • Visit Universal Studios and Disneyland in Japan

Disneyland and Universal Studios in Japan are among the top tourist attractions because of the theme parks that people can try with their loved ones. Are you big fans of anime and Studio Ghibli? You can also head on to the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo.

If you still have tons of other places that you wish to visit on your Japan trip, you can always seek the help of travel and adventure services for students, such as Unleashed Grad Trips. After all, there are several other must-try activities and must-see places in Japan. This list is just the tip of the iceberg.