6 reasons to opt for a 4 x 4 instead of that dreamy sportscar this year

Choosing the right car for your needs can be a daunting task, especially when you are bombarded with so many options. It’s hard to make a decision when there are a hundred and one different factors and choices to take into consideration.  

Keeping in mind what the key essentials are for you and your family can help to keep you focused though. Top of the range sports cars might be a dream to drive, but if you’re mostly using it to do the school run and commute to work, are you really choosing the best option?

Here’s our tips on how to end up with a purchase that ticks all the boxes for you and your family.


Working out your budget is the first and most important thing you must do. There are many different finance options these days that can mean cars that used to be out of price range are now affordable options, so investigate which is going to suit your budget best and how much you can realistically afford. Deciding on this first will help when your eye gets turned by that gorgeous looking open-top that you’ve always wanted but would mean you’d not be able to afford to eat until it’s paid off. Put simply, don’t spend more than you can comfortably afford.


How you are going to use the car is extremely important. Are you buying a car for your family? Are you buying the car for work? Will you be driving long distances? Or is it just a run-around city car?

When you know how and where you are going to be using the car, you will be in a better position to make the right decision on which car is best suited for you.


How important is the performance and handling to you? This is an important factor and it goes hand in hand with how you are going to be using the car. Is this car being bought for pleasure? Is it to be taken out on the open road, pushed to its limits and treated like an F1 simulator? Or is it for family-oriented driving where safety, reliability and how big the boot is, matter far more than the top speed?


Does fuel efficiency matter to you? To a greater or lesser extent it matters to all of us but is it the be-all-and-end-all to you? When working out your budget, work out how much you are currently spending on fuel and how much you’d be able to increase this to if the new car is more fuel hungry? Generally speaking, new cars are far more fuel efficient than older cars but it obviously depends on the type and size of car. Fuel-hungry supercars are capable of blowing your entire monthly petrol budget in the distance it takes you to get out of the showroom.

Also factor in the cost of parts and maintenance. Some car makes are far more expensive to service and replace parts on than others. Ask around for specific prices on this when surveying the showrooms.

The benefits of a 4×4 wheel car;

4×4 wheeled cars have many great selling points. That’s why they’re so enduringly popular. In a 4×4 car, all the wheels receive power at the same time from the engine. In this regard, a 4×4 wheeled car has more power and more traction on the road surface. That means it’s ideal for…

Off-road driving:

The high traction levels give these cars an advantage over other cars, as they will allow you to drive even on rough roads. When driving in the countryside, this is the best kind of car for an off-road drive.

You are also better able to drive wherever you wish because this car can handle it. You can go up the slopes, on a hill and even on safari should you wish! If you live in remote areas, the car will handle the road for you, and this is the most important reason for lots of people to own a 4×4 car. However, it is not the only reason to opt for a 4×4.

Extra safety:

4×4 cars often top the safety rating tables. If you are going to be carrying your family within it, safety will understandably be a very important factor to you. With the elevated height of a 4×4, you feel – and are – more protected than in a smaller car. The extra height enables you to have better visibility on the road and means that you can spot dangers earlier and react to them sooner.  

Drive options:

With a 4×4 car, you can choose to either drive 2WD or opt for 4WD drive. Most other cars do not have this option, and as such, you may not be able to adapt to the different types of roads as well. The 4×4 option means you can handle muddy roads, slippery roads, bumpy and uneven roads as you can choose how you want the wheels to work.


4×4 cars are more spacious and roomy than other cars – particularly sports cars! They have more leg room, more room for passengers and even added room in the boot.

You are able to carry more people in the car than sports cars too! And still have plenty of room to move around. This helps to make a long trip much more comfortable, as compared to a car where you are all crammed together in a small space.

Better performance:

4×4 cars are better in terms of performance and handling than many other cars. You can be assured a great drive whatever the conditions and a high-performance level when it comes to driving on rough terrains.

High speed:

You may think that because it is big, it is slow, but that is not the case. High-speed cars drive the way you wish them to and can often put a sports car through its paces!


Making the decision between a sports car and a 4×4 comes down to what you are ultimately looking for out of your new vehicle. 4x4s give you great performance and many advantages over other cars in terms of space, safety and comfort. They also look fantastic and with so many 4×4 options on the market, they’re an obvious choice for any car lover.