6 K-Pop Groups to Love Besides BTS

It is no secret that the K-Pop group BTS has taken the K-Pop genre as well as the rest of the world of music by storm. They have elevated the K-Pop genre to a different level. Their appearances on SNL as well as the Grammy Awards put them as well as K-Pop in the spotlight. The genre of K-pop has grown due to BTS touring.

While many individuals will focus on BTS’s dominance in K+Pop, there will be others who will be on the lookout for the next great group in K-Pop to fall in love with. In this piece, we are going to take a look at 6 K-Pop groups that we should love besides BTS.

1. Exo

Exo may not be as popular as BTS. However, they are no strangers to the K-Pop genre. The group has been in existence for nearly a decade and has put out 7 albums. They have a lot of content under their name. They have collaborated with a lot of other artists and have even put out live albums. They have quite a few endorsements under their belt.

Like BTS, they have sold millions of records and we’re named as one of the most powerful celebrities in Korea by Forbes Korea 5 years in a row.
The group is also famous for their top-notch choreography and visuals in their music videos.

This group has accomplished a lot. One will find that there is a lot to love when it comes to Exo

2. Ateez

In spite of the fact that this group has only been in existence for three years, their impact in the K-Pop world has been quite significant. This 8-person K-Pop band reached superstardom very
quickly. They have a lot of head-bopping tunes and dance choreography.

Ateez won a lot of awards during their rookie year. The group reached such popularity that they went on a tour across the globe. They performed in places such as Australia and Russia.

The group provides a powerful element of hip-hop and EDM in their overall sound. They have released just five albums within a short period of time.

It is clear that Ateez is making an impact in the K-Pop scene.

3. Red Velvet

Red Velvet is one of the most powerful female groups in the K-Pop genre. They have won quite a few awards. The group is a popular idol group and has been credited by a cultural exchange group in Korea. for being one of the groups that brought K-Pop into their mainstream.

Red Velvet’s sound is a nice blend of hip-hop and R&B from the 1990s. The group has been credited for being apositive image for women in the
K-pop genre.

4. Twice

Twice has been linked to Red Velvet in the K-Pop genre. Red Velvet are considered the sophisticated girl group while Twice are considered more vibrant and fun.

Yet, this nine member girl group called Twicecan proudly boast that they have sold more albums than any other female K-Pop group in history.

This group came together via a reality show. They have been together for six years and won “Song of the year” at two major music award ceremonies.

Twice brings an energy into their music that has made them viral sensations. They are very popular on Tiktok. Other celebrities have imitated their moves.

Twice has clearly made it’s presence felt in the K-Pop genre.

5. Girls Generation

Another impactful female K-pop group is Girls Generation. They have reached iconic status as the girls group that the nation has gotten behind. They are affectionately known as “The Nations Girl Group.”

As a matter of fact, Billboard hailed them as the best K-Pop girls group of the decade. This 8-member group is known for its fun and catchy electronic pop tracks.

6. BlackPink

This list will end with another female group that is worth the love. Blackpink is a member group has achieved tremendous success. Blackpink is a viral sensation as they joined an exclusive list of entities that were able to generate a billion views for a video. 

Their single “Ddu-du-Ddu-du” was played a billion times on the YouTube platform. The only other Korean to achieve such a feat was Psy with his memorable and viral hit. “Gangnam Style”.

The group has recently wrapped up a tour in they which performed in front of hundreds and thousands of people. Rumor has it that Blackpink may be collaborating with Lady Gaga soon. This would be a huge win for K-Pop.